More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" meditation does not make you happy in the future
because it is not meant for what is coming ahead
but what is happening now "

Part 38

Future seem to hold the key to liberation for the all of humanity. The mad rush to know what lies ahead, has put the machinery of this world on the top most gear, busy predicting and prophesying all the time. Astrological predictions, meditative insights, prophetic visions are all considered as high quality spiritual stuff.

Disciple : Why everyone is keen about the future,
Even I seem to be more curious to know my future ?
Master : One main reason is that most of them don't
find the present moment as something great !
Disciple : So whats the point sticking on to the present,
when it has nothing great to offer to me now ?
Master : True. But the catch is when your mind is tuned
to seek the future, it would continue to seek the future
even when the good times arrived at your doorstep !

Mind always is habitual. It gets in to habitual patterns always. Longer the period, greater the habit is. When it is habituated to expect good times ahead, hope for a better future always, then it forgets to recognize the good times and better future, when they actually come knocking at the door some day.

Disciple : How does one miss a
good time from recognizing ?
Master : Just like now. You are
failing to recognize your good
times just this moment, despite
the fact they are plenty !
Disciple : Plenty ? You are kidding.
I don't see any good times here !
Master : If you fail to see now,
take my word, you will never see
them even in the future times,
as you plan to capture them some day !
Disciple : Gosh ! this one sounds scary !
But there is lot of bad elements mixed
in the present moment and perhaps
that's why I fail to see the good elements ?
Master : True, it would be the same always, the
good and bad always will be mixed up !

The good and bad times are always mixed up inseparably. If the mind is negatively poised then all the bad times are always highlighted. However tragic, your mind if positively tuned, will see goodness in that situation. If it is tuned to hope and expect that good times are yet to come and see presently only bad things, then most likely it would continue to see the baddies when the prospective future finally arrived.

Disciple : So meditation is to tune
the mind to see good things always ?
Master : Never ! Not that way !
Disciple : So what exactly is meditation
used for in the present context ?
Master : To rise above the good and the
bad experiences rattling you all the time !

True meditation in the advaita tradition is meant to get you out of all possible habitual hopes and expectations of an unborn happy future time yet to come. It is meant to get your mind freed from the habitual thinking and bring it intact to where it is supposed to be.

Disciple : Ok. then what happens
if the mind gets back to the present ?
Master : Meditation happens without effort.
Besides, your mind gets liberated from
the arresting hopes and expectations.
That would mean mind moves from emotions
to awareness and that's what precisely
the meditation is meant for !
Disciple : May I know what
is this awareness about ?
Master : Just about everything your eyes
could see, ears can hear, nose can smell
and skin can feel, tongue can taste !
Disciple : Sensing the moment fully?
Master : yes. But the most important
than that is the awareness of your
your own thinking presently !
Disciple : Can that be
called as total awareness ?
Master : Not until the awareness
happened about your own hidden self !