More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

"Authentic meditation is not a journey from outside to inside
but an realization that there are no inside or outside to Truth"

d h y a n a m
Part - 41

The endeavor of moving from outside to inside has been the pinnacle of most spiritual sciences, in order to find the 'hidden treasure' . Meditation is also used for the same purpose among many seekers, who have learnt the knack of slipping in to their own selves, in search of that elusive consciousness. But least they know that the inside/outside differences are simply the assumptions of their own mind.

Disciple : But you have been talking
about the inner consciousness too ?
Master : Its a language used originally
to appeal to the divided mind of the seeker,
So I may continue that language even now !
Disciple : Does it mean there is actually
no inside and outside differences exist?
Master : True, the true meditation should
lead the seeker to this knowledge ultimately !

The spatial differences of inside and outside are built up by the mind, which is so much used to divide and then see, since time unknown. Though meditation appears to be a journey at the start, from outside world to the inner consciousness, upon reaching the apparent core or the so called essence of the self, it comes to discover the Truth, that there are no sides to the all pervading consciousness.

Disciple : Why is this faulty vision by the mind happens ?
Master : It is not faulty. The mind is designed perfectly to
perceive things only that way, to divide and see !
Disciple : Then who discovers the undivided consciousness ?
Master : The same mind only will have to do that too !
Disciple : How can the mind function different from its
original design and discover undivided consciousness?
Master : That's the challenge, that's why the spirituality
appears to be such a task or a difficult thing !

The seeker can have the freedom to divide as inner and outer, till some stage in his seeking, but when he is matured in the process of meditation, it crosses his head one day, like a shooting star in the dark night sky, that something is amiss or simply incomplete in him. Thats when the real break through in seeking happens.

Disciple : Why cant this be told in the start itself
and make the seeker's meditation a lot more easier ?
Master : Chances are that he may never seek further
or ever meditate again in his life, if the Truth is told as it is !
Disciple : But you seem to tell me the truth now,
does it mean I'm matured enough to know ?
Master : You are matured enough to ignore Truth as of now !
So its OK, but someday these words will ring a bell during
your journey from the 'outer' world to the 'inner' self !