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"Authentic meditation is not a journey from outside to inside
but an realization that there are no inside or outside to Truth"

d h y a n a m
Part - 41

The endeavor of moving from outside to inside has been the pinnacle of most spiritual sciences, in order to find the 'hidden treasure' . Meditation is also used for the same purpose among many seekers, who have learnt the knack of slipping in to their own selves, in search of that elusive consciousness. But least they know that the inside/outside differences are simply the assumptions of their own mind.

Disciple : But you have been talking
about the inner consciousness too ?
Master : Its a language used originally
to appeal to the divided mind of the seeker,
So I may continue that language even now !
Disciple : Does it mean there is actually
no inside and outside differences exist?
Master : True, the true meditation should
lead the seeker to this knowledge ultimately !

The spatial differences of inside and outside are built up by the mind, which is so much used to divide and then see, since time unknown. Though meditation appears to be a journey at the start, from outside world to the inner consciousness, upon reaching the apparent core or the so called essence of the self, it comes to discover the Truth, that there are no sides to the all pervading consciousness.

Disciple : Why is this faulty vision by the mind happens ?
Master : It is not faulty. The mind is designed perfectly to
perceive things only that way, to divide and see !
Disciple : Then who discovers the undivided consciousness ?
Master : The same mind only will have to do that too !
Disciple : How can the mind function different from its
original design and discover undivided consciousness?
Master : That's the challenge, that's why the spirituality
appears to be such a task or a difficult thing !

The seeker can have the freedom to divide as inner and outer, till some stage in his seeking, but when he is matured in the process of meditation, it crosses his head one day, like a shooting star in the dark night sky, that something is amiss or simply incomplete in him. Thats when the real break through in seeking happens.

Disciple : Why cant this be told in the start itself
and make the seeker's meditation a lot more easier ?
Master : Chances are that he may never seek further
or ever meditate again in his life, if the Truth is told as it is !
Disciple : But you seem to tell me the truth now,
does it mean I'm matured enough to know ?
Master : You are matured enough to ignore Truth as of now !
So its OK, but someday these words will ring a bell during
your journey from the 'outer' world to the 'inner' self !
" There is nothing to lose or gain permenantly
in meditation but only connect what appears
to be disconnected presently "

d h y a n a m
(Part - 40)

Self awareness will remain as a distant reality as long as you practice meditation as a tool to drop or pick things. If you sat for meditation hoping to gather many good things and get rid of all the bad things, then you should know that you are under the illusory impact of maya. As you know maya is that non existent slippery thing which makes you think act and talk the way you do presently.

Disciple : What are the things usually people
want to pick from meditation ?
Master : Among the many things listed,
good long health, reading other's mind,
become intuitive, solve most difficult problems,
easy life without struggle, and choicest
blessings of god, peace of mind
focus of mind, concentration etc !
Disciple : Don't they happen ?
Master : They may happen, many times
even without meditation !
Disciple : OK, what are things usually
people want to drop ?
Master : dropping the ego, diseases, stressful
problems, casting of evil eyes from others,
psychological blocks etc
Disciple : Don't they happen ?
Master : Yes, they can happen
even without meditation at times !

While meditation has lots of benefits, a true seeker is never impressed with just these benefits and would want to rise above them to fulfill the actual purpose of meditation, even as he enjoys the various benefits that come his way. The seeker is dead in someone when he just concluded that meditation is meant to provide some peace of mind for the next few minutes.

Disciple : What is the wrong if someone seek the benefits ?
Master : Its not wrong to seek the benefits, but it is wrong
to conclude the meditation to serve just those benefits !
Disciple : Do you say there is no need to deny the benefits ?
Master : Yes indeed. No one need to deny the benefits as long
as it is happening as the result of meditation practices !
Disciple : But you seem to condemn the benefits ?
Master : I condemn not the benefits but limiting
the benefits of meditation to only very trivial things !

The final culmination of meditation is to strike a balance between your body , mind and the consciousness within. In other words, learning to attune the body and mind to the existence of the inner consciousness. Till such a time the other benefits should not blind the seeker and should not prevent him from exploration.

Disciple : What happens when my body
and mind is not in tune with consciousness?
Master : You find yourself incomplete and
will push yourself to search and find many things in life !
Disciple : So is it not good that way
that we can find many things ?
Master : Yes. But also we land in many
problems as we find many other things !
Disciple : I think i get your point !
Master : Whereas, to attune the body and
mind to the consciousness is to find the fulfillment
from within, which alone will make your search end !

We welcome the readers to explore more wisdom
from the master with the new blog
Questions that were forgotten to be asked,
contemplations which will shape your
spiritual progress and guide you to the point of Truth - Ed

" Meditation is done not to give up the ego
but to know that there is something beyond the ego
which is quietly supporting the ego "

d h y a n a m
Part - 39

Body and mind themselves do not need any meditation. They are OK themselves. But body and mind undergo meditation only to discover their own hidden, unknown part located on the other side. When meditation does not happen, the mind and body think they exist alone. They seldom realize the fact that there is a big daddy who actually is the big boss, without whom the body and mind have no existence of their own.

Disciple : That means the meditation does not
help the body and mind per se ?
Master : It helps them but not for their own sake
but to find out the hidden consciousness only !
Disciple : But you told earlier that mind can
never meet the hidden consciousness,
If I remember right ?
Master : Yes, it can never meet but only can realize !

One may never become politically wise or economically richer, or even as intelligent as Einstein, or compassionate like Jesus, or wise like Buddha or even as clever as that self help guru Dale Carnegie. There is not such a definite 'becoming something' in this process called meditation. Your mind comprehending your inner self does not guarantee a place in any famous people's list.

Disciple : Do you mean that after
meditation, I can never become famous
or rich or smart or even compassionate?
Master : Nobody is stopping you in fact
from becoming any of them as you wish.
But do not think meditation will
automatically elevate you there !
Disciple : Does it prevent me being elevated ?
Master : It just stops you bothering
about any rising and falling in life!
Disciple : What happens when I stopped
bothering about rising and falling in life ?
Master : When stopped rising or falling
you will become steady and balanced !
Disciple : How does that help me in any way?
Master : When you are steady and balanced,
you may have the first glimpses of hidden
consciousness, which is steady and balanced itself !

When your body and mind is active, they can only relate with the active world outside. They can never comprehend a silent, unmoving self within. Perhaps meditation is that process, where the body and mind come to certain point where they become inactive and quiet. That results in the realization of the Inner Self (Consciousness, Atman, God).

Anything that helps to arrest the mind from drifting outside can help you detect a bit of the consciousness. But meditation is certainly the most proven and most lasting than rest of everything else. Drugs, sex and alcohol can show a faint glimpse of what the consciousness is but meditation done out of proper understanding enables the mind to realize the self in the most concrete and lasting manner.

Disciple : Sex and drugs and alcohol also can help?
Master : They can, but they also can leave you
with the hangover, which can take you too far away
from the consciousness when the effect of the sex,
alcohol or drug disappeared from the body and mind !
Disciple : What is the outcome of this mind
realizing the inner consciousness ?
Master : The realization is the outcome and
there is absolutely nothing more left to know
or experience in life !

" meditation does not make you happy in the future
because it is not meant for what is coming ahead
but what is happening now "

Part 38

Future seem to hold the key to liberation for the all of humanity. The mad rush to know what lies ahead, has put the machinery of this world on the top most gear, busy predicting and prophesying all the time. Astrological predictions, meditative insights, prophetic visions are all considered as high quality spiritual stuff.

Disciple : Why everyone is keen about the future,
Even I seem to be more curious to know my future ?
Master : One main reason is that most of them don't
find the present moment as something great !
Disciple : So whats the point sticking on to the present,
when it has nothing great to offer to me now ?
Master : True. But the catch is when your mind is tuned
to seek the future, it would continue to seek the future
even when the good times arrived at your doorstep !

Mind always is habitual. It gets in to habitual patterns always. Longer the period, greater the habit is. When it is habituated to expect good times ahead, hope for a better future always, then it forgets to recognize the good times and better future, when they actually come knocking at the door some day.

Disciple : How does one miss a
good time from recognizing ?
Master : Just like now. You are
failing to recognize your good
times just this moment, despite
the fact they are plenty !
Disciple : Plenty ? You are kidding.
I don't see any good times here !
Master : If you fail to see now,
take my word, you will never see
them even in the future times,
as you plan to capture them some day !
Disciple : Gosh ! this one sounds scary !
But there is lot of bad elements mixed
in the present moment and perhaps
that's why I fail to see the good elements ?
Master : True, it would be the same always, the
good and bad always will be mixed up !

The good and bad times are always mixed up inseparably. If the mind is negatively poised then all the bad times are always highlighted. However tragic, your mind if positively tuned, will see goodness in that situation. If it is tuned to hope and expect that good times are yet to come and see presently only bad things, then most likely it would continue to see the baddies when the prospective future finally arrived.

Disciple : So meditation is to tune
the mind to see good things always ?
Master : Never ! Not that way !
Disciple : So what exactly is meditation
used for in the present context ?
Master : To rise above the good and the
bad experiences rattling you all the time !

True meditation in the advaita tradition is meant to get you out of all possible habitual hopes and expectations of an unborn happy future time yet to come. It is meant to get your mind freed from the habitual thinking and bring it intact to where it is supposed to be.

Disciple : Ok. then what happens
if the mind gets back to the present ?
Master : Meditation happens without effort.
Besides, your mind gets liberated from
the arresting hopes and expectations.
That would mean mind moves from emotions
to awareness and that's what precisely
the meditation is meant for !
Disciple : May I know what
is this awareness about ?
Master : Just about everything your eyes
could see, ears can hear, nose can smell
and skin can feel, tongue can taste !
Disciple : Sensing the moment fully?
Master : yes. But the most important
than that is the awareness of your
your own thinking presently !
Disciple : Can that be
called as total awareness ?
Master : Not until the awareness
happened about your own hidden self !