More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" the thoughts rise from consciousness
and they contain no trouble themselves,
till you claim them as exclusively yours "

d h y a n a m
Part - 34

Every bit of creation has some relevance to life in general and has been created naturally. The thoughts inside the head too have a great relevance to human beings, because they have played a crucial role in the way man lives today. Everything that you use from the time you wake up, such as the tooth brush and tooth paste, the towel, shower panel, soap, brush, your clothes, the TV, the chair, the cup and the coffee in it, your car, the road, city, parks, malls and movie house, everything is a result of thoughts only.

Disciple : You said they are all created
naturally ? I thought these were man's
creation and hence they are artificial ?
Master : There is nothing which is
unnatural or artificial in this creation !
Disciple : Can we safely call that what
ever created by man is artificial ?
Master : But is man artificial or natural ?
Disciple : He is part of the nature indeed !
Master : If he is natural, then how come
what he creates become unnatural or artificial ?

The thoughts occurring in the mind are as natural as the heat of the midday sun. Its all the time happening. But you become aware of the presence of thoughts more clearly during the meditation. Just like your heightened awareness about the high noon sun, when you step out of the home. It does not mean that sun light or heat did not exist, till you stepped out. Because you are aware of the thoughts during the meditation, it does not mean that thoughts come only at that time.

Disciple : So it is unnecessary fuss about the thoughts?
Master : In a way, it is just a unwanted fuss !
Disciple : So what exactly is the problem with the thoughts then ?
Master : Thoughts have no problem, but when you claim them
as yours, that very moment problem starts !

The thoughts rise without your want or need, all the time. They give shape to man's life in numerous ways as he grows up. But somewhere along the line, man starts to identify with the thoughts, as his own and he can become a defined ego with a limited perception.

Disciple : Why does this man do this ? Is it by design or by choice?
Master : By design only. There is no choice in this !
Disciple : How does identifying with the thoughts happen ?
Master : The familarity only. You are so familar to your body
and mind. So you tend to make that mistake some day !
Disciple : Whats the mistake exactly ?
Master : Instead of 'having' a body and mind, you become
the body and mind yourself. Whatever happens to the body
and mind, you think its happening to you exclusively !

The mistake is twofold.
1. Thinking that you are only the body and mind
2. Being ignorant about the hidden consciousness

Disciple : Does it mean that Im not the body and mind ?
Master : Yes you are the body and mind !
Disciple : Whats the problem in this ?
Master : The problem is you have ignored to
identify the hidden consciousness as you !

Meditation is precisely the process, where you come to know, that you are not just the body and mind which you could experience at any time, but you also come face to face with the hidden consciousness as your own self. Thats probably the peak of meditation. The peak can be reached in no time or would take a life time, depending upon the seeker's ability to understand, the subtleties of meditation and apply them during meditation diligently.