More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" neither you can plan your meditation nor
you plan something during your meditation,
meditation and planning dont go together "

d h y a n a m
Part - 29

If you thought meditation helps oneself to plan and organize well. Then its just that and nothing more. Planning can happen very well, when the mind is not too crowded with teeming thoughts, which are usually out of context. It appears to be such an ideal time for planning, when the mind just began to behave itself.

Disciple : Its because I read somewhere that
whatever is planned during meditation will
become a reality, so I tried it out !
Master : True, the plans may happen
quite well, but not your meditation !

Authentic meditation in Advaita school of thought, is not done for the sake of anything. Infact you stop all that you have been planning till that point of time, if you really wished to enter the subtler realms of meditation.

Disciple : So should I finish up
with all my planning before hand?
Master : Before and even after you
got up from the seat of meditation !
Disciple : What is the difference
between planning before meditation
and after meditation?
Master : Before you may want to plan concretely,
But after meditation your plans will be flexible !

Before any form of meditation, you would want to plan everything so well and make your plans fool proof. Such concrete plans can create fears, because you may not know what to do if they fail. This puts you under a lots of stress and discomfort. On the other hand, if you planned after a substantial period of meditation, you would find it lot more easier to adapt to later developments and save your heart from burning, due to sudden changes that might twist your plans in a dramatic manner.

Disciple : Does it mean, the meditation
does not make my plans materialize ?
Master : Need not be. Some plans may
work and some dont as usual !
Disciple : Oh, then why should I meditate ?
Master : Just to know that whatever you
plan and dream, need not match the reality !

Meditation does not have the power to make your dreams, somehow come true, in your life. But definitely it can show to you, that they are just dreams and can make you free from them. You are in for a great disappointment, if you thought meditation is the easy and nice way, to pull the strings of 'god' and make him dance to your tunes, like as if you found a stupid genie in a bottle, that would make every single fantasy of yours a reality.

Disciple : Does it mean I should not plan anymore,
What kind of life is that without planning ?
Disciple : Nobody stops you from planning, but do
not use meditation for that purpose is what I say !

When meditation is carried out with some agenda, however noble it is, can only distort your mind. A planning mind is basically focussed on future. Because all the planning belong to future only. When mind is in the mode of planning and organizing your future, chances of meditation are as bleak as snowfall on a summer day.

Disciple : So I can plan and organize
my life after meditation each day ?
Master : Is it some kind of plan,
that you dont plan, till your meditation is
over and after that you sit down and plan well?
Disciple : Even that can be a plan ?
I did not relaize that. So what should I do ?
Master : Just sitdown and shut up everything
for sometime as meditation may happen to you !
Disciple : After that is over, what should I do
about my plans for my future life ?
Master : You dont have to plan anything, perhaps
plans happen to you on their own, you just allow them !
Disciple : I got the point now !