More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" meditation is not meant to fulfill any promise
but only take away all the promises "

Part - 30

Life is a lot more appealing and sensible, only if it is strewn with plenty of promises, be it a TV commercial or the man you are about to marry, or some dummy course that you planned to do, which in turn will safe guard you and supply happiness for a lifetime, everything is promising some kind of a bright future. Infact, every moment of your life, you seek promising moments filled with promising people.

The promise of some job, wealth, home, family, acquaintances, security, peace of mind, happiness, spiritual enlightenment and perhaps a peaceful death is all on the cards, playing inside your head all the time. Life minus these promises, can look like a chewed up gum in a trash can to a pedestrian mind.

Disciple : I know now im in for getting one more
of my beliefs, some sound thrashing today !
Master : Are you afraid ?
Disciple : Yes, without a doubt, but at the same time
I am ready to face it too. Its a strange situation !
Master : Thats what makes you an ideal seeker !
Disciple : Its a conflict between what my beliefs are
and what the TRUTH is. But I am not going to run
away from it !

Any guru worth his enlightenment, does not heap promises upon the seekers, who come to him, but only rubbish all the promises away. It may cause tremendous discomfort to the seeker, who usually seek promises of happiness, security, love and moral support etc, from the guru in the name of spirituality. It takes a very special and rare seeker to remain with the guru, despite the harsh treatment to all the promises he expected from the guru.

Disciple : I realize that these days, but earlier
on it used to cause much pain to me !
Master : Never mind. You cannot seek spiritual
enlightenment and at the same time the promise
of a protected future. They dont go together !
Disciple : Why is it that way ?
Master : Because enlightnement is not some
career or a profession, where your survival
in the world is well guaranteed ! There are
chances that the whole world might
abandon you if you get enlightened !
Disciple : Oops, I thought life is more colorful
with the enlightenment happening ?
Master : Perhaps become a world teacher
after your enlightenment and
awaken this entire humanity ?
Disciple : Exactly !
Master : Thats a false promise somebody
threw at you, which you are dangerously
holding on to, without knowing the Truth !

That is why when the seeker enter into the subtler realms of meditation, he has to drop all the promises he had been doggedly pursuing. If you entered meditation with a promise of a bliss or peace of mind or some kind of enlightenment, as a result of such meditation, then you are already trapped.

Disciple : Does it mean that enlightenment
bring only rejection by the world ?
Master : You somehow want to know the result
of meditation and you dont realize thats where
you are going wrong ! You seem to jump from
one extreme to the other !
Disciple : Because you only told
the world might reject me after enlightenment ?
Master : It may claim you as the saviour too.
But there is no place for any such promises
when you enter in to meditation !
Disciple : I got it. Without a plan or a promise
If I enter, then meditation is at its best ?
Master : Yes and if it happened at its best,
then probably, what has to follow too will be
at its best. But do not mistake that for a promise !