More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" meditation is not about finding the
answers to your head bursting questions "

d h y a n a m
Part - 28

When ignorance is abound, when everything happening around seem to be as puzzling as the other side of moon, the man start seeking for answers to his countless questions. Man become a seeker at this point of time. Almost always he misunderstands meditation as the means to find those answers.

Disciple : I'm shattered again. Don't tell me that meditation
does not help me to find the answers !
Master : As a matter of
fact, you are right !
Disciple : Is it not If
I raise all my questions
during the meditation,
I will find answers to them all ?
Master : On the contrary, you would
have successfully messed up, whatever
meditation was possible to you by then !

The simple fact, that the questions usually have the tendency to squeeze your mind to find answers, can happen even during meditation, if you happened to raise the most urgent, do or die question at that time. Instead of being in silent meditation, you get busy with your searching questions.

Disciple : So if not during my meditation,
then when do I find the answers?
Master : If you just shut up
totally during meditation,
perhaps you would see the
answers popping up to most of
your questions, after you ended meditation !

It is not by finding answers to your knotty questions, you can estimate your meditation to be a successful one. Really speaking, one singular unanswered question, about your life during the meditation, will not only spoil your meditation, but also will add to your mounting mental woes.

Disciple : I understand that bit, still I'm
not sure how the answers pop up later ?
Master : There may not be many
answers but just one answer !
Disciple : What that would be ?
Master : The only answer you may get is
that all your questions are simply meaningless !

You would realize soon that the answers you may find for all your questions, may not take you any closer to Truth or to your inner Self, but only far away from it. But if at all you find any proper answer to your nagging questions, that would be only about how stupid and meaningless your questions have been, about you and your life.