More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" Meditation is not emptying
the thoughts, but using the same
thoughts to know their source "

Part - 32

Man's ignorance is beginning less. He has been ignorant about many things since time unknown. One such major display of his ignorance, comes in the form of attempting to empty the mind, especially when he gets spiritual in life, especially when he began to meditate. Little does he know that the mind is never empty or never can be emptied. It has layers and layers of thoughts in the form of memory. These thoughts would spring up non stop, every time there is an emotion, a feeling, or a sensory perception occurred to you.

Disciple : Even emotions and feeling are thoughts ?
Master : Sorrowful thoughts make you emote sorrowful
and happy thoughts make you feel and emote happiness !
Disciple : So If I forcibly entertain happy thoughts,
I can get happiness forever ?
Master : Yes, for sometime. Later you may get
lot of stress and tiredness in life for forcing it !
Disciple : so there is no way to remain happy forever ?
Master : You cannot be happy or sorrowful always !
Disciple : I have to experience both of them
even after my regular meditation ?
Master : Who knows, you may get over with both of them !

Forcing happy or sad thoughts are as difficult as emptying the mind and make it thought free. It is somewhat like trying to empty the breath from your body. Its like chasing all the animals away and still call it a zoo. For someone who gets busy with this immature idea of emptying the head through meditation, spirituality can spell differently as disaster.

Disciple : Why such an idea of emptying come ?
Master : Probably the misreading of the belief
that consciousness is like emptiness !
Disciple : But is consciousness(atman, inner self)
really empty as many describe it to be ?
Master : Consciousness is empty of all that you
already know and already have experienced,
but certainly it contains the very seed of the
whole creation, it contains the blue print of
this entire universe !

Truth (undivided self, consciousness, atman, god) is not an emptiness, understood usually by a mind harrowed by the onslaught of worldly experiences. The thoughts are here to stay, till the last gush of breath slipped out of the body. In fact Upanishads say, that the thoughts then bundle up in the most subtlest form and get ready to find another body for a fresh new life to express.

Disciple : How can the pure consciousness be experienced
without emptying the thoughts from the mind ?
Master : If you can empty the right thing, then you can
experience the pure consciousness quite spontaneously !
Disciple : May I know what is the right thing to empty?
Master : The coat that every thought wear called ' I '
tailored and stitched by 'you' needs to be emptied !
Disciple : OK. You mean every thought has a sense
of ' I ' created by me, which should be emptied ?
Master : Then whatever thought remains free from
the ' I ' coat is called as pure consciousness !

Every thought inside you is wrapped by a sense "my thought' by you. That's why when the thoughts of sorrow comes, you claim "I am sorrowful". You also " I am Happy " and "I am excited " according to the need of the hour. Your identification with each thought as 'mine' has caused this layer of you wrapped around every thought, which spring from inside. When the ' I wrappers' fall off, the pure consciousness will shine bright in every thought that might arise in you.

Disciple : So should I stop
trying to empty the mind?
Master : Because even to
empty the mind is just
a thought only !
Disciple : But sometimes
I feel I'm empty and blank
inside, how is that ?
Master : Its just a thought which
says that its empty !