More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" meditation does not prolong your life
or terminate those deadly diseases "

d h y a n a m
Part - 37

Human life is the most precarious and highly susceptible and vulnerable of the entire creation. Man can catch cold if he did not cover his head, he may have his teeth decayed, if he did not brush his teeth every time he ate something, he has to always wrap himself in some kind of clothes, wear goggles in sun, carry umbrella or a trench coat if it rains, has to live in a house locked up from inside, may not go for a morning walk if his car had flat tyres, always protect himself from his own environment. But unfortunately, disease and death can still sneak in and can steal his life away.

Disciple : But spirituality and meditation come to rescue is
the popular thought. I know you are going to refute that !
Master : May be I'm not part of the popular belief system !
but what rescues from what ? You never mentioned that ?
Disciple : Meditation rescue or at least delay the process
of illness or death. This is a popular belief. I was even told that
the body of a dead one does not decay because the diseased
had meditated deeply all his life ?
Master : It is just sheer attachment with the idea of an
immortal body, that one resort to claim such silly things !
Disciple : But it happened to a great master in the past ?
Master : Unfortunately the master never lived to claim that
but everyone around did so to suit their own fancy !

Meditation is done in order to tune up to the natural living and natural dieing. But somehow it has been promoted to be understood differently. Stretching life span(at least by a week or so), body may smell like sandal wood despite the death, direct access to land of the gods, reading every one's mind around the world, while sitting on the pee pot, travel to any place without immigration hassles and tickets at will are some of the benefits many people think meditation can bestow. While such sweep staking promises can bring more people towards meditation, it can also rob the seeker of his natural right to realize his self as a result of all these confusing notions.

Disciple : So there is no physical or
tangible benefits of meditation at all?
Master : If there is any tangible benefit,
it is only an offshoot of meditation and
cannot be the primary benefit!
Disciple : The longevity is
not decided by meditation ?
Master : What does that really mean ?
Disciple : The spiritual masters
lived longer due to meditation?
Master : Self realized masters
never craved to live longer !
Disciple : Does it mean that
they wanted to die early ?
Master : They never planned
to stretch or shorten their
lives with the help of meditation
but only realize their true self !

The main purpose of eating food is only to satiate hunger. But over a period of time, we may forget that fact and start attribute eating to various other reasons like healthy living, losing weight, or to add weight, to try something new, for the sake of the taste buds, because its aromatic, because its a famous dish etc. Its true that eating has all those hidden reasons. But primarily it is meant for fulfilling the hunger only. Meditation too is meant primarily for the purpose of self realization but over a period of time we have lost the sight of it and shifted the priorities.

Disciple : But whatever we eat, for any reason, still
the hunger gets satiated automatically. So is meditation?
Master : Unfortunately not. Meditation for peace of mind
or stress relief, healing illness, sharpening memory etc
may never find you fulfilled with yourself.
Disciple : So what is meditation exactly meant for ?
Master : To know your true hidden nature regardless of
your healthy or unhealthy living. It does not matter
whether you are rich or poor, famous or infamous,
big or small, tax payer or tax evader, It is just
meant for enabling you to experience the unknown
hidden inside you deeply as whatever you are !
Disciple : What happens if I know this hidden self ?
Master : Life will come to a complete circle !
Disciple : Is that what I seek or want ?
Master : Yes. But you look for it everywhere else !
Disciple : If that happened then I don't need
anything else? Will I become rich or bankrupt ?
Master : We may have to wait and see !