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Off The Cuff Utterances

" if mind is empty, then it cannot be called as mind "

d h y a n a m
Part - 33

Mind is always the hot topic of attention and discussion in any spiritual circuit, mainly for its influences exercised in human life. The rest of creation is not influenced by a mind, because they don't possess a potent mind such as the human being. Krishna of the immortal spiritual literature Bhagavad Gita suggest in a candid manner, " Mind is your friend that lifts you up and mind is your enemy that puts you down too " . Mind seem to be under constant threat, either way, you make it or break it. That makes the need to empty or get rid of the mind seem very convincing.

Disciple : Do you say that only human
beings can suffer in this entire creation ?
Master : Also only human beings can enjoy,
can get hurried or worried or married too !
Disciple : So it is the thoughts that humans
carry, makes them different from the rest of
species on earth ? Perhaps something unique?
Master : Precisely. The thinking faculty of man
makes him stand out from the rest of creation !
Disciple : Why the thinking is only meant for
human beings? What is the reason behind it?
Master : There is no any reason. He was just
born that way ! As how the birds are born
with wings, man is also is born with thoughts !
Disciple : Birds have wings for the purpose of flying !
Master : Is it ? Then man has the thoughts to think !

All species on earth are born with varied characteristics unique to themselves. When it comes to survival in the water, or in air, man is far inferior to the fish and the bird. He may fly in an aircraft designed and built by him, 40 thousand feet and above in the space, on a daily basis, but he cant grow his own wings and perch atop a tree. That somehow makes him an inferior creature. he cant even run as fast as the automobile, created by himself.

Disciple : Do I miss anything here?
Master : In case you thought, that
mankind is superior than the rest
then you can be quite wrong !
Disciple : OK ! You are saying that
mankind is not something very special !
Master : Neither special nor ordinary !
Just one more of the creation !

The faculty man is blessed with can also turn out to be the curse at times. The mind should be ideally conjure up some magical living to mankind, but several times, it drives mankind insane and letting men loose on each other, fighting wars with big toys that can wipe out this earth of all its life, many times over and over again. If he cant wipe this earth, he would make sure to wipe out all the harmony and happiness within the four walls of his living room or the bedroom, with his own family !

Disciple : But what is the connection
between empty mind and fighting wars?
Master : Man thinks by emptying his
head, he can find lasting peace !
Disciple : OK ! So this emptying
idea stems from this fact that life
gets on to his nerves at times ?
Master : Exactly, he thinks it is not
just idle mind that's a devil's workshop,
but now he thinks even a functional mind
is a breeding ground for disharmony and
the conflicts, hence the empty mind
appear holier and more appropriate !