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Off The Cuff Utterances

" chanting mantras can initially help
you to get into meditation, but
later can disturb your meditation too "

d h y a n a m
Part - 27

Recitation of mantras is the most proven technique to put you into meditation. When you can repeat a particular sound(sacred mantra) over and over again, it can make your mind settled and allow you to be in meditation. But the problems begin, when you get hooked up with the chanting, even after the real time meditation began.

Disciple : But I was told, when mantras
are repeated during mediation, one can
establish contact with god straight away !
Master : Firstly, mantras are not meant
for your God, but for yourself. They just
help you stop, rattling with useless thoughts !

Recitation of any kind should not last longer, even a single moment, after you've got the hang of meditation. Because when you recite mantras, mind cannot be receptive, but only inert and indifferent to whatever is happening.

Disciple : Thats surprising to hear. I thought
mantras are meant to make the mind receptive?
Master : Need not be. Thats why they are recited
when mind is receptive to unwanted things !
Disciple : What does it mean ?
Master : It means mantras make your mind non receptive
to outside disturbances and to your own inner disturbances too !
Disciple : So they are as not sacred as they appear to be ?
Master : They are sacred indeed, only for the reason it
can divert your mind from drifting and nothing more !

When you thought you should meditate,
1. try sitting first quietly,
2. take up a mantra
3. repeat it with your focus on the sound
4. observe how your mind is becoming quieter
5. when you think it has become quiet enough
now try to stop the recitation and just keep quiet
6. If there seem to be still disruption within
then continue the recitation again
7. If you think you are sufficiently quietened,
gently withdraw from recitation
8. now perhaps you dont need to recite anymore
and only allow the thoughts to happen as they do.

Disciple : From what you said, it appears that the
thoughts may not stop at all even after the recitations?
Master : Precisely, they dont stop at all !
Disciple : So what is the difference, before and after
the recitation of the mantras during meditation?
Master : Before recitation, you did not know what to do
with your thinking, but after you seem to have some
supervision over your thoughts, thats about it !

But unfortunately, the seeker can sometimes, get trapped with the chanting, as it seem to make the mind totally indifferent and also it appears to give a high, which is usually mistaken for bliss. They get obsessed with it and end up helplessly muttering something in the name of mantra chanting even when it is not required.

Disciple : So the recitation prepares me for the meditation
and I should with draw from meditation when I have to enter
meditation. Is my understanding correct ?
Master : Exactly. Inbetween whenever you feel the need to recite
you can pick the mantra and start reciting but when it is
not required pack it neatly and keep it aside for later use !