More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" all the visions that you see during
meditation are made in your own
production company called mind "

d h y a n a m
Part - 35

Sometimes it gives a enormous high to have some grand visuals, without moving an inch from where you are, all in the name of meditation. Visually inclined seekers who think that some day they will have private audience or at least a brief face off with god, tend to see many 'things' during meditation within their closed eyes. Its a game of cat and mouse for such seekers, who think someday they will capture the good lord, red handed in his hideout.

Disciple : I was under the impression that
these visuals are indicators of something ?
Master : Yes it indicates that your mind is
capable of streaming imaginations and fantasies !
Disciple : So whatever I may see during my
meditation as visuals are just my imagination?
Master : Yes its all an in house production
running on your own mind screen !

The sub-conscious mind linked to your memory can procure zillions of visuals from within. They are being flashed all the time on your mind screen, but you get to see them more clearly during the meditation. When they get really flashed on your mind screen, either you call it a plain disturbance or the sacred vision, depending upon the nature of the visuals.

Disciple : Even visuals of gods and
holy places are just my own making?
Master : Without the slightest doubt,
you created those gods in your mind!
Disciple : Is it wrong to have such visuals
created in the mind during meditation?
Master : The right and wrong is applicable
only in your dealings with the world !
Disciple : Oops. Then how do I describe
these visuals spiritually speaking?
Master : In spiritual terms, they must
be known plainly as false. Because when
it comes to spirituality, you can consider
only the TRUTH AND FALSENESS of life !

The remarkable change in your perception of life happens, when you get spiritually inclined in the form of seeing life around you with only one division, namely true or false. All the good and bad, right and wrong, big and small, rich and poor, man and woman differences may not hold your attention so much anymore, even though they may continue to exist on the surface.

Disciple : It appears to be the indicator
whether I have become spiritual in my
perceptions about life too ?
Master : Quite rightly said. The best way
to test your worldly or spiritual stand is
to see how you divide this world in your
perspectives and discrimination !
Disciple : Now how do I relate this new
understanding to my meditation ?
Master : Learn to discriminate the visions
you get during meditations as True or
False than as holy or unholy, calming
or calamitous, disturbance or divinity !

The streaming visuals and flashing images have nothing to do with the hidden consciouness, but only a handiwork of the mind. At the most the kind of visuals you get during meditation can best desctibe the status of your mind at that particular time. If you have a tired and stressed mind, you may get certain disturbing visuals (includes various colors and patterns) and if you are fresh and had slept well before the meditation, then the quality of the visuals can have a telling difference. But sacred and sacrilegious, all visuals are uncompromisingly false.

Disciple : But how do I stop these visuals from appearing ?
Master : You need not stop, since you never started them !
Disciple : Some visuals are stareted by me, it appears attimes ?
Master : You think that way. But no visual can be started by you !
Disciple : If i can neither start nor stop, then what do I do ?
Master : First allow them to happen as they happen, next
stop glorifying them as godsent, then just ignore them as
totally false and finally learn to look beyond those visuals !

The panaromic visuals that appear on your mind screen need not be blamed as bad or a blunder, but to be understood as the outcome of an active mind. The mind is so creative, that it keeps throwing up these visuals at all times, with the help of the data it has gathered, through all your senses in this grandstage called world.

Disciple : But I have heard from you many times
that there is no such a division called truth and false ?
Master : Yes, that is only when you have known the truth.
Till such time, the differences indeed exist to the seeker !