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Off The Cuff Utterances

" your struggle to fix your mind on something
causes all those disturbances during meditation "

d h y a n a m
Part - 14

The attempt to fix your mind on something rises from a sense of insecurity during your meditation. Just like a sleeping child holding on to the mother or a teddy bear or even a pillow, out of some unknown fear, your mind wishes to hold on to something, as it drops in to the unknown layers of the hidden mind.

Disciple : That is interesting to know. So whatever the mind
does during the start of meditation is only to find some security ?
Master : Indeed. The various meditation techniques are only
providing the teddy bear effects of warmth and protection !
Disciple : Even techniques like concentration and visualization ?
Master : Yes all of them. The concentration techniques is the most
popular among seekers, in the beginning just for the same reason,
because concentration needs sustained grip over the technique.
Keep holding on to the 'teddy bear' and find comfort !

The restless search for a 'teddy bear' during the meditation is what you call as the drifting or a disturbed mind. Mind seeks more than one support at the same time, as it gets geared up, to dig deep in to its own self. Most people keep searching for the right support and never settle for any. They are the ones most disturbed in meditation. They never realize that meditation stretches far beyond the comforting zone of pillows and teddy bears.

Disciple : So teddy bears are not required for
sleep as much as the techniques for meditation ?
Master : Vice verse. You can have a teddy bear,
but as you leave the grip of the teddy bear, as you
slip into sleep, the techniques also need to be dropped,
before you enter deeper into your meditation!
Disciple : Even I used to hold on to a teddy bear
when I used to be kid, during my sleep !
Master : Then what happened ?
Disciple : I was told that I hugged the teddy bear
every night, before going to sleep and then
kicked the teddy bear, when I was sleeping loudly !
Master : That's exactly the treatment, meant
for the meditation techniques too !

There cant be a single finger of accusation, pointed at any of the meditation techniques. Just like the teddy bear, they are simply lying in the corner. But it is you who hold on to them. You think without them, you would find the whole meditation meaningless and impossible. Techniques dont care whether you use them or not.

Disciple : It means that the meditation can
happen without any techniques ?
Master : After certain stage, you cannot
go deeper, along with those techniques !
Disciple : As you said earlier, they may
become an obstacles during later stages ?
Master : They even set you upon thinking that
you have arrived at the gates of the eternal heaven
by supplying that strange sense of 'security' to you !

The fear of entering into an unknown terrain causes the mind to panic and clutch dearly to the techniques. Sleep or meditation, they both work similarly. the attitude of sleeper or a meditator is also the same. Only difference is that the sleeper does not what he saw deeper inside, the meditator is awake to see what happens in the depths of his own self, during meditation.

Disciple : Is it only the fears and insecurity
that prevents one from entering inside ?
Master : There is lot more to it than
just the fears and insecurity !
Disciple : What are they. Please explain ?
Master : The many unresolved issues outside,
with people and places, have been wrapped
with your sentiments and emotions, they don't
allow you to enter within, it allows you to neither
sleep nor meditate!
Disciple : Why the issues do not
allow me to enter within ?
Master : They have this invisible strength to make
you feel guilty and irresponsible, when you desert
those man made ideas of the world, to plunge within
your self in the form of sleep or meditation !
Disciple : Why does such a thing happen ?
Master : The uncalled for credibility given to the
people and situations in your life, causes such a
block from entering within !