More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" your meditation may not
impress anyone, including god "

d h y a n a m
Part - 26

Man always is clever, especially when it comes to eulogising or praising people in power and get away with what he wants. If you praise powerful people, they may get you admission in private schools, big loans from banks, instant jobs in the market, help you strike deals and perhaps build yourself a home, get you married and even promise a bright future to your child.

The praising is a unique form of corruption. Its a verbalized bribery. Man imagines god to be a corrupt being, that he could easily fool god by praising him. His prayers usually contain some silly praise, preceding his long list of nagging demands. .

Disciple : Is it not praising
some kind of encouragement ?
Master : Still, god does not need
your encouragement or praise !
Disciple : True ! Its absurd to
encourage god, when I myself is
in need of encouragement !
Master : We impose our own needs
on the god (or creator) too !
Disciple : But whats the connection
of praising here with meditation ?
Master : The thought many have, that
meditation is an occasion to praise
and tickle god and make him happy
so that he'd get ready with the boons
seem to be the connection here !

There is a big chunk of seekers out there, who imagine a god with face and start praising with words and perform rituals mentally, throwing the flower petals at god in their mind, etc. The man also believes, such a thing is sure to impress god and as a result, god gets convinced with such devotion and starts bestowing all kinds of boons and performs exclusive miracles.
Disciple : Is there no benefit in such things ?
Master : At the beginning stage indeed. But
not when you reached your meditation !

Disciple : It is indeed amusing. But
from where does the man get such ideas ?
Master : He thinks of god as a super man.
With more heads and hands and everything
double the size of regular man !
Disciple : Whats the cause for such thinking ?
Master : When the man is trying to
understand something bigger, through
his small mind, he may end up like this !

To succumb to other people's praise is a common human tendency. We impose similar ideas upon the god factor and blindly keep praising him(or her). But the truth is that God cannot be neither he or she and is not generally interested or impressed with man's praises or curses.

Disciple : This point is understandable !
But how I relate this to meditation?
Master : Simple. Do not turn the meditation
process in to a praising session of gods.
The gods do not need any recognition or
good words to hear from you about them !
Disciple : Even in the earlier days of
my meditation, I used to feel proud that
I did something which god will be happy about !
Master : Not just god but your own near and dear
may not appreciate or even be happy about your
meditation. Because your meditation is meant
only for your personal transformation !

The impact
of meditation is immensely diminished, when it is wasted on praising or glorifying the god. It still keeps the meditator away from his object of meditation. Though it is an object, it still remains very very subjective.