More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" you may know the ways to meditate,
but you can never know the results
of the meditation, till they happened "

d h y a n a m
Part - 19

It is perhaps more complicating, when your meditation has become a well chalked out plan of action, designed to achieve the most clearly expected results, born out of some juvenile fantasy and inadequate spiritual understanding. While every action in this world can possibly have a desired result, the meditation process is eloquently different from them all.

Disciple : Do you say that there are
no fixed results for meditation ?
Master : I said, you cannot fix results to meditation !
Disciple : But earlier you had mentioned
that bliss is the result of meditation?
Master : Exactly, it is the result of
meditation and not the meditation itself.
It was meant to drive the point that when you
meditate you cant experience bliss, but it may
happen later on as a result of your meditation !
Disciple : But it appears to me little
weird to do something without knowing
or thinking about the results ?
Master : That's true. But in order to achieve
best results, you should not expect any !
Disciple : Whats the problem in expecting results?
Master : Perhaps you would 'achieve' much lesser than
what you probably can achieve without any expectation !

The expected results are always going to be small in context and trivial in its benefits, just because the results are expected by a limited mind obviously. The limited mind cannot comprehend the results, which can expand far beyond the stuffy domain of your mind.

Disciple : Do you say that the results of
meditation cannot be understood by the mind?
Master : In other words, the results can be far
more strikingly incomprehensible
than what your mind can comprehend !

Everyday living in the mundane world is enhanced, if there is result orientation in everything you do. So that you can plan the course of action, which can hit the desired target in the eye. Though many times the results can vary, still there is a belief among us all, that a well planned course of action must deliver the desired results almost always without fail. However, this habit of planning the results and designing the course of action, may not work effectively in spirituality.

Disciple : Unlike preparation in the school days
for exams to get to the top rank, need not be
applicable to meditation ?
Master : Exactly. Here you prepare yourself for a
destination totally unknown to you. Any form of
familiarization of the destination can spoil the trip
and can keep you stagnated at wherever you started off !
Disciple : Then what about Moksha,
enlightenment, self-realization etc ?
Master : They are just empty words
till any of them happened to you !

When you get fixed up with words like 'enlightenment' and 'moksha', your mind refuses to explore to the actual point of Truth. It keeps toying with those words and some imaginary experiences even during the period of meditation. This is the obstacle faced by people who have read a lot about easy and successful spirituality and discussed spiritual benefits in excess.

Disciple : Is it then a pointless exercise
to read about moksha and enlightenment ?
Master : Knowing them intellectually is one thing
and get obsessed with them is quite another !
Disciple : So what should be my attitude when
I meditate even if I knew these terminologies ?
Master : Just ignore them as empty words of
encouragement. Tell yourself that you would
find it out for yourself, when you actually reach
there, without carrying all these empty words
along with you!

You can transcend the limiting mind a lot more easier, only when you can walk in there with empty hands, without carrying all your borrowed notions and used up ideas about spirituality. Scaling the ultimate spiritual summit is a reality, only when you have dropped the facts and figures of meditation as spiritual junk, without a trace, at the beginning of your climb itself.