More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" When your mind found what it searched,
it settles down and stops running about.
This is called as concentration "

d h y a n a m
Part - 23

Everytime you did something you wanted, you would have felt, as if you were embraced by a whiff of contentment briefly. During such occasions you should have noticed that your concentration levels had increased. In other words, your usual hanky panky mind seemed to have behaved well at that time.

The concentration factor in meditation appear to be so virtuous, only because it can stop the mind from scrambling. Still the fact remains that you cannot force concentration upon your mind, but should happen on its own, as a result of letting the mind find what it seeks.

Disciple : If I have to wait for my mind to find
everything, I would be too old to do any meditation !
Master : Exactly. So denying
the mind totally from seeking
but freezing it in the name
of concentration does not
provide any solution, but only
make things bad to worse !
Disciple : So I should allow the mind
to go and find whatever it seeks?
Master : Firstly, you should know
what exactly your mind is seeking !
Disciple : Oh don't even ask me.
Its truly crazy. Its born wild,
It wants everything under the sun !
Master : May be not. All those crazy
things can never make your mind settled
for even minutes. They are just fleeting by nature !

Your mind wants ultimately only one thing. That is to reunite with its own source, which is known by the term Consciousness(Atman, Inner Self, God). But it does not know that. It is not aware of what it is seeking. It is a blind search. Nothing short of groping in the unfriendly darkness.

Disciple : Is it truly a unfriendly darkness ?
Master : Unfriendly and unfamiliar too !
Disciple : You are saying, my mind does
not seek any thing materialistic?
Master : If it is seeking then
it is only out of ignorance !
Disciple : How do I know
it is not what my wants ?
Master : Soon after it had
lost interest in what it
sought and found !

To find eternal contentment with the worldly things by mind is impossible. As impossible as a movie hero, being shot dead in his first introduction scene itself. Even if he gets shot, it would be only in his shoulder, that he would be back in action, after a few scenes at the hospital. This mind too would get back to its groping, all over again, when it did not find any fulfillment, with what it sought earlier.

Disciple : So where does all this end ?
Master : It would end only at knowing the
right thing to search and find !
Disciple : I understand that the
seeking of my mind during
meditation is mistaken as the
drifting and the disturbed mind ?
Master : Well said that !
Disciple : I also understand that
the seeking by the mind is not a
problem but what it seeks is the problem ?
Master : Bravo. This is wisdom flowing
in abundance. You have crossed yet
another milestone in your spiritual pursuit !