More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" Spirituality minus Meditation is
like a deadly cobra without its fang "

d h y a n a m
Part - 7

Infact it is like a dead cobra. Not just the fang, but vitality of the snake itself is missing. Most likely, the seeker does not want to proceed beyond certain stage in Meditation. Unfortunately, till such obstacles crossed, the seeker cannot find fulfillment in their spiritual pursuit.

Disciple : Why seekers dont proceed
beyond a point in Meditation?
Master : Many reasons. But primarily,
its fear that prevents a seeker from proceeding !
Disciple : Fear ? I thought mostly its the
noise from the neighborhood !
Master : Neighbors are busy with their own
problems and they may not have time
to disturb your Meditation usually !
Disciple : Thats true, but mind wants some
excuse to stop the Meditation at the earliest !
Master : Precisely ! it would suggest
a million ideas to stop it !
Disciple : Why is this phenomenon ? Why not mind
go deeper into Meditation ?
Master : The fear of exploring the unknown deep
inside causes mind such a fear. It is comfortable
with the known and familiar areas.

Sitting with all your senses shut off is as good as trapped inside a wild jungle, wrapped in eerie darkness. The fear is natural, because its not a familiar terrain. Thats the reason why the seeker looks for support during such lonely dark hours of Meditation.

Disciple : I realize that now. What are
techniques which are commonly used by the
seeker for Meditation during such situations?
Master : As we saw earlier, reciting sacred
mantras, visualizing god images, listening
to devotional and serene music etc !
Disciple : Do they really help in Meditation?
Master : Not exactly for Meditation but in
chasing away loneliness and fear during Meditation !

Infact all these techniques create a familiar condition to the seeker, who is now making those doubtful strides, towards the hidden and darker regions of unknown within himself. Mind thrives on known factors and shudder or go to sleep when it is exposed to something unfamiliar.

Disciple : So how long does one practice
the preparatory techniques ?
Master : Till the time the mind is
free from initial fears and when it is
willing to explore without much support !
Disciple : So the techniques are the links
between the known and the unknown ?
Master : Well said that !

But somewhere the visuals and chanting and rolling the beads become helplessly habitual, then dropping the techniques become almost impossible for most seekers. They can never be in silence for a moment. There is always something to be 'done' on the seat of Meditation for them.

Disciple : But whats the problem
in taking the techniques along with
oneself in to the unknown region?
Master : That would be difficult.
Practicing any technique will take
you to the threshold, but does not
step you inside the timeless
space of the Truth !