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" the peak of meditation is not an achievement, not an abandonment, not even an amusement, but a simple state of being called self-awareness, where everything happens on their own "

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Part - 17

Meditation can be a disastrous idea, if you do it hoping to get enlightened or awakened or even to attain some special divine powers. Since it is a mind game, meditation can kick up a lot of fancy stuff and make you believe, that you have already arrived somewhere in the kingdom of eternal bliss. But strangely the result of meditation is never known to you, when you are in meditation, but long after.

Disciple : Is there a benefit of meditation at all ?
Master : May be there are benefits. But, spiritually
speaking, you cant do meditation for certain benefits !
Disciple : But without a result or a benefit who would
want to do any kind of meditation ?
Master : The point is not about benefits, but the benefit
seeking mind. That can spoil your meditation !

Meditation of the real kind can prove to be the ultimate challenge to an ordinary seeker, it does not offer any support to hold and rejoice. In other words, the peak meditation process can happen only after all the supports are dropped. As long as the mind in meditation is entertaining a support, it is only taking baby steps in the process and has a long way to go.

Disciple : May I know clearly well, what exactly
you mean by supports in meditation ? What are
the supports usually sought by the seeker ?
Master : Supporting tools are many. Like visualizing
the various images, concentrating on breath or
repeating some mantras, or even toying with some
possible benefits, even as you enter the meditation !
Disciple : What happens if the mind entertains the
benefits during meditation process?
Master : The benefits always belong to the future
period of time as results. When the mind is busy with
such future oriented results, it may miss out on the
awareness of 'this' moment !

' Do your best and drop the rest ' is one prominent teaching found in the vedic literature of India. It simply means do not live a result oriented life, but a performance oriented life. What you do matters more than what you might get out of it. When something is carried out without bothering about its outcome, as work for the work sake, then the result will be obviously benefiting, even though you are not so much interested in it.

Disciple : So you say, just do the meditation
and do not bother about the results ?
Master : Partly yes. You may start 'doing'
the meditation with several techniques
in the start, but soon as you withdraw
yourself from all the supports, then the
doing of meditation also will be dropped !
Disciple : If i stopped 'doing' meditation, then
what really will happen ?
Master : When you stopped 'doing' meditation
eventually, the most remarkable thing will
happen to you in the entire process of meditation !
Disciple : What exactly would happen to me ?
Master : You would start 'being' in meditation
for the first time, matured and moved away
from the 'doing' of meditation !