More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" more you struggle and fight during meditation,
quicker you would find harmony with the world "

d h y a n a m
Part - 11

In other words, if you find your meditation to be blissful, you may hate to open your eyes and see the reality outside. You would rather disappear in your fantasy in the name of meditation than come back to the world of challenges and conflicts.

Disciple : I'm surprised to hear this. Do you mean
every one should struggle on the seat of meditation ?
Master : Not as a rule, but as part of the process !
Disciple : How do i understand this properly ?
Master : Watch a man who had a disturbed meditation, will
come out and look at the world with great relief !
Watch also a man who just enjoyed his meditation on some
colors and images, he would almost want to burn this world
because it disturbed his dreamlike meditation !
Disciple : I get that point ! Does it mean that the meditation
always is a painful process, even after well experienced ?
Master : You can say that. Its always going to be a challenging
experience to meditate, despite lots of experience !
Disciple : Do you mean even after enlightenment,
the struggle would continue ?
Master : After enlightenment, there is
no need for any meditation !

The struggle during the meditation is the only evidence of transformation you go through. The process of transformation with reference to the ways of your thinking may not happen smoothly. It is always going to be a jolting experience. The inner transformation is quite akin to changing all the old furniture and curtains and the carpet in a room to a brand new set. You cant expect to transform the room without much dust or noise.

Disciple : I have seen people enjoying
meditation, even I have done that many times !
Master : Oh really ? How did you enjoy ?
Disciple : I was told to visualize as if I'm
walking by the beach and breathing gently !
Master : That's cheaper way to bring
the beach to your bedroom !
Disciple : Will that not help ?
Master : Sure, but please do not call it as
Meditation. You can call it as fantasizing !

Running comforting images on the mind screen and feel good about oneself is very unmeditative. Singing songs with eyes closed does not amount to any meditation. Listening to heartwarming music cannot be called as meditation. Reciting a mantra or counting a rosary does not make up any authentic meditation.

Disciple : Then what are they all meant for ?
Master : They are meant for only preparing you
to sit quiet by diverting your attention from
all the disturbing noises and sights around you,
to bring the focus to yourself !
Disciple : They don't help beyond that point ?
Master : Certainly NOT, only that they can become
big obstacles to you to proceed further in meditation !

Any technique that made you feel so good like the cold shower on a shimmering summer day, then you have all the freedom to suspect such a technique. The techniques are only to pick you up quietly and throw you in to the boiling cauldron of your mind and go back to where they come from. The techniques may stand around and just watch you helplessly.

Disciple : My understanding now is that
the techniques can help to enter meditation,
but after that the techniques work differently
as the apparent conflict and struggle during
meditation, Am I right ?
Master : Partly yes !
Disciple : Where do I go wrong ?
Master : To think that conflict is yet another
technique when you entered meditation is perhaps wrong.
The conflict here is the process of transformation
that's taking place and not a confusion as
a result of meditation !
Disciple : I got it now ! But will the conflicts end
naturally after every time I end the meditation ?
Master : Most naturally yes. Soon after you
come out of meditation full of conflicts,
you would find yourself in more
harmony with life outside ! Just like a
nightmare that just got over and you realize
that life outside is all peaceful !