More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" the meditation itself can not be blissful, but the
result of proper meditation can be full of bliss"

d h y a n a m
Part - 12

Meditation by itself cannot make you blissful. Only the effect of meditation can create a sense of blissfulness in you. Its a kind of a bliss that permeates you, as a result of fixing the many troubled thoughts during your meditation. The thoughts when remain troubled, can cause distortion in your perception and when the same thoughts get sorted out, it can flow without much ruffling, can also express and experience bliss.

Disciple : It is clear that the meditation can cause bliss
later, but by itself is just fixing the fractured mind ?
Master : Well said that, the bliss is only an effect of the
cause called meditation ! Satiation does not happen when
you eat, but only after you completed eating !
Disciple : But what happens when the meditator
remains 'blissful' with his imaginations and never
try to face the troubled thinking ?
Master : When you repeat a lie thousand times,
it may sound like the truth !
Disciple : What does that exactly mean ?
Master : It means that the imagination about bliss
can become a 'reality' to such a person and he may resort
to teach others the same !
Disciple : But it seem to appeal a lot more to the masses ?
Master : Obviously, who does not want to imagine ?
Imagination of goodness comes more easily than facing
the hardships and fixing them up and then find goodness !

The intelligent seeker understands the process more easily and goes through it, without much fuss, because he knows that at the end of it all, the much awaited tranquil mind is bound to happen. He knows the whipping and beating and squeezing of the cloth, during the wash is painful to the cloth, but at the end of it, the cloth gets its fresh lease of life, free from dirt and smell.

Disciple : That's a classic example. It is crystal clear now,
the difference between the cause and effect of meditation !
Master : Till its employed in your meditation,
it can only remain as classic example, which you
can quote mindlessly to everyone and appear to be wise !
Disciple : I realize that now, too much of theoretical knowledge
may not help ? At least till it is executed ?
Master : Too much of your theoretical
knowledge may help others but not yourself.
You may remain wallowing in the same sorrowful slush pit !

While the theory is very important before the practicals, it is also important not to get too obsessed with the words and reduce meditation to just a word play. The words have the ability to bend and stretch according to your need and convenience. When you start using them with the newly gathered theoretical information, you can soon appear to be very wise to the whole world, whereas the stink within, can remain without being flushed out.

Disciple : So what exactly should be done
with the theoretical information?
Master : Apply them. Go through the whole process.
Experience the good and the bad of it yourself. The
outcome of such a application is the true wisdom !
Disciple : Till such application what should I do
with the theoretical information?
Master : Contemplate on them endlessly. Use them
sincerely as tools in your unpublicized meditation sittings
in your private space !
Disciple : Cant I discuss them with some one
or write them for public reading?
Master : Yes, it can be. But should be careful with the tone.
You cant sound like offering solutions,
Disciple : How exactly the tone should be ?
Master : You can speak or write them only as your loud
thinking and self questioning and as your contemplations !
Disciple : When can I actually help others with my experiences ?
Master : Soon after the experiences really happened to you !

What appeals to the intellect as the proper meditation, need not have been applied already to your being in an automatic manner. It means, that there can be contradiction in what you speak to others and what you are exactly within. Especially in the topics of spiritual interest, the theory can be more handy than the practicals.