More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" Meditation is the ultimate challenge
and is the ultimate answer too "

d h y a n a m
Part - 16

Meditation can be very complicating even to understand, leave alone applying, because of the complicating mind used for understanding. Mind is such an incredibly complex intrument, where the style of functioning is always logical and roundabout. It cannot see what is infront of it, without any attribution. It cannot just look at the world, without any commentary running side by side.

Disciple : Is attribution, a problem or a challenge in meditation ?
Master : Yes. Lots of problem. The commentary by the mind
all the time is a kill joy, especially on the seat of meditation !
Disciple : But is there such a state of mind possible without
any commentary going on by the side ?
Master : Eventually yes. But when you start, there is nothing
but only the commentaries, just out of habit !

You are convinced about something, only if you know the purpose and use of it. Everyone lives a life somewhat meaningfully, interpreting life to each one's convenience and adaptability, about this 'big bad' world of dualities. But the same cannot be said that of meditation. The rules of the world do not work during the process called meditation.

Disciple : Do you mean meditation is a complicating experience ?
Master : Most of times, for a beginner, it is a great
effort to be effortless on the seat of real meditation !
Disciple : What do you mean when you say real meditation ?
Master : Real meditation is when it is done for self awareness !
Disciple : What are the other types of meditation possibly done?
Master : Now a times, meditation is understood be a technique
to receive or pass energy, relieve stress, heal diseases from
distance or from nearby. It is also considered to bring a peace
of mind like never before, besides relaxation and for hoards of
other feel good factors ! A certain bunch of people try it out to
get some 'special powers' like mind reading and other fancy ideas !
Disciple : Are they are not really meditation ?
Master : They cant be meditation from a puritan's
point of view. But they certainly make up a beginning
somewhere, which might lead the seeker to the actual
meditation at later stages with or without his knowledge !

The easier versions of meditation are quite pleasing and relaxing to practice without much struggle. It involves the same attributing mind, where you simply sit and keep tripping on good and nice things in your visualizations, which can keep you away from the hard headed realities of life and also provide certain comfort and solace.

Disciple : Is it wrong to practice such meditations ?
Master : Not at all. But to conclude them to be the
real meditation can be wrong !
Disciple : So what is real meditation ?
Master : True meditation is, technically speaking,
far from any visualization or imagination techniques.
You drop all of them, every possible commentary,
every possible attribution, every possible result !
Disciple : Even a result should not be thought of ?
Master : Yes. That's the worst or the best part of
meditation. To do it without any result on mind !
Disciple : Now I figure why you said, meditation is
the ultimate challenge !
Master : True ! this is just the tip of iceberg and
there is lot more to figure, in the name of meditation !