More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" meditation in the beginning is like
entering in to a warehouse and kept
locked up in the basement, you never
know what to expect inside "

d h y a n a m
Part -11

It is spiritually improper to think that doing meditation increases your comfort and security levels in the society. Because when you step inside the precincts of your sub-conscious mind, you could feel terribly lost and may have to encounter the ghosts of your own past.

Disciple : It appears I have to change my
entire idea about meditation now !
Master : Why do you say that ?
Disciple : Because I always believed
meditation as something to provide me
goodness, happiness, and good health
and prosperity and direct contact with God.
But now I think I may have to change such views !
Master : You are not probably wrong.
All that might happen, but not without those
scary moments filled with fears and a
sense of dejection or isolation !
Disciple : Does it happen to everyone ?
Master : Invariably to all those, who really
practice proper meditation !All the great
masters from the glorious past have gone
through such darker moments in their initial
struggle for meditation. So you are not alone !

To paint a picture of serenity to the meditation practice does not serve the real purpose. Meditation is truly a test to your ability to face reality. It would show what a trash can your mind has been all along. The courage to see the eruption of unpleasant tendencies, alone can make you successful in the endeavor of meditation.

Disciple : Is meditation meant for everyone ?
Master : I would say it is meant for
everyone indeed, but only a few
understand what is truly meditation.
Disciple : Is there a harm in doing
meditation without understanding it ?
Master : It may not cause a great harm,
except keeping you in ignorance and
can mislead you in to some fantasy trip !

Unfortunately, a immature teacher may promise the heavens, just for a sitting, lasting for few minutes. The false promises thrown, about the amazing results of meditation, can make things only more complicating. The teacher must explain in detail the theory well, before he gets the student to sit for practicals.

Disciple : If the theory is proper,
then the practicals can be proper too ?
Master : Exactly. You should be equipped
with proper information, before you step
into the recesses of your uncharted mind !
Disciple : It would make the meditation, a
lot more easier, than just imagining fancy things?
Master : True. When you know ahead of what is going
to happen during meditation, it helps you to steer
yourself well through them !

It is of utmost importance to know the route map before setting upon the journey called meditation. Despite good theoretical information, one can still find it all too scary and confusing at some point of time.

Disciple : Oh, does it mean that even after
learning the process well theoretically,
still there can be a problem ?
Master : Yes, plenty of it can be
expected during practicals !
Disciple : Is there an end to such problems ?
Master : Most certainly, the end comes at the end,
when you would laugh at yourself for all the fighting,
with the non existent troubles, on the seat of meditation