More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" meditation is at its best, when it happens to
you even without your awareness about it "

d h y a n a m
Part - 21

You can plan your meditation meticulously and practice it with clock work precision every day. But meditation is most effective when it just happened on a day, you were not even thinking about it. Such a single unprecedented meditation 'sitting' is directly proportionate to years of planned 'doing' of meditation.

Disciple : Now I'm not sure If I should
try to follow any techniques at all ?
Master : What makes you think like that ?
Disciple : If you said the unplanned meditation
is more effective than the planned meditation
then it is natural for me to think that way !
Master : But you are yet to hear me out fully !
Disciple : Did i miss something ?
Master : Your unplanned meditation can happen
only after all your plans and efforts !

The preparation for a 'successful' meditation assumes a mighty role to play in most sincere seekers. They go on trying out the techniques with little or less success. Though it gives them a sense of being earnest in their attempt at something higher and divine, such a sense is very short lived.

Disciple : Does it make them one day give up their practices ?
Master : Yes, you are coming close to the point I want to make !
Disciple : OK. That's a blind hit from my side !
Master : Never mind as long as it worked !
People with much theoretical knowledge about
meditation are more prone to this unprecedented
meditation bouts. Especially when they stopped
believing in their planned meditations. In their
most vulnerable moments, the meditation grips
them totally unaware from nowhere.
Disciple : That's quitefascinating to hear.
Kindly explain what it means ?
Master : When the seekerstopped all his efforts,
in doing meditation andin making his meditation
successful, he has becomehighly qualified for the
sudden and unplanned moments of meditations
taking him over !
Disciple : But I was always told,
meditation must be done in total awareness ?
Master : Meditation is not done in total awareness
but total awareness happens
as a result of proper meditation !

If the seeker can be already aware so much, then he need not even enter in to the process of meditation, but can manage without it. Just like bliss, total awareness also is a result of meditation. It would be as weird as to say that you should start your meditation blissfully, in order to attain bliss. Awareness of the self too comes, only after the mind undergoes the transformation.

Disciple : Does it mean that if I have
read more on meditation, it helps?
Master : It helps only when you
stopped depending on them !
Disciple : How is that ?
Master : When you get busy
executing all that you read, then
your mind is still very active with all
that it knows. This where the the problem lies !
Disciple : Whats the problem exactly ?
Master : When the mind is busy
then it is only 'doing' the
meditation. When it stopped
'doing', the 'being' in
meditation starts to
happen on its own !

Learning the techniques and executing them implicitly is important, but whats even more important is to stop repeating them someday and just sit without a reason or a logic. Sit simply and don't try anything, not even imagining something fantastic.

Disciple : Whats is the qualitative the
difference between 'doing' and 'being' meditation?
Master : In 'doing' the meditation, you are still
trying to make meditation happen to you !
Disciple : OK, I got that part !
Master : 'Being' in the meditation is where
meditation is happening on its own without your effort !