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Off The Cuff Utterances

" meditation can be divided in two stages,
first 'doing' the meditation, then 'being' in meditation "

d h y a n a m
Part - 18

Doing anything in life comes out of the need to survive, the need to attain, to find (happiness), achieve, fulfill etc. Everybody is busy doing something and wanting to, or planning to do something always. This doing something also makes one think that there are multiple choices to choose from, when it comes to doing. Like choosing one from many clothes, choosing food from the long menu card, choosing a job, a car, home, life partner, and many more. The apparent freedom to choose from the great spread of choices is illusory.

Disciple : oh, so we dont have any choices in life ?
Master : There are choices to choose from, but
you should know, that it only appears so and
need not be real, as you would want to think !
Disciple : But how do I relate this knowledge to meditation ?
Master : In many ways, it can be related to meditation !
Disciple : Please explain, I realize it is difficult to
accept or even understand this easily !
Master : The choices seem to glare at
the seeker even during meditation !
Disciple : So whats the problem in that ?
Master : When there are choices to choose
you think you have to try ' doing' meditation !

The seeker is always busy making things to happen in life, at least he believes that way. He is just the same, when it comes to meditation too. He resorts to 'do' it in the most benefiting and useful manner. He would follow the step-by-step techniques and makes sure, he did it in the most efficient manner. As long as he is busy doing meditation, he is simply going to miss being in meditation.

Disciple : What exactly should be
done in order to be in meditation ?
Master : You should be done with
all the doing of meditation !
Disciple : I seem to understand,
but i really don't understand this at all !
Master : Does not matter really.
You can just put it in your head
and some day soon, it may open
up to your understanding !

The 'doing' of meditation is almost unavoidable to every seeker on the spiritual path, especially in the beginning stage. The state of just 'being' in meditation comes quite late in the whole process of meditation. One cannot start from the Being, from the word go. But if you kept trying all your life 'doing' some kind of meditation, then you may miss out on the Truth.

Disciple : What exactly is the Truth ?
Master : The Truth is that you cannot do anything
but everything is happening by themselves !
Disciple : Then why meditation is
not happening to me on its own ?
Master : Because you are not allowing it to happen !
Disciple : How am I not allowing it from happening ?
Master : By thinking that you are the
one who is 'doing' meditation !

Your success in the world is determined by what you do in the world. But the success in meditation is determined by how you allow things to happen in you and around you. It is this stark contradiction that baffles the seeker on the seat of meditation. The old habits of 'doing' things die hard, even when you have to just shut up and be.

Disciple : Why is this 'being' in meditation is so difficult ?
Master : It is difficult only as long as you try
to do something in order to be in meditation !
Disciple : In fact, I think when i use the word 'difficult'
it is clear that I'm trying hard to do something ?
Master : There you are !