More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" just like eyes, your mind can get blurred too,
meditation can bring 20/20 vision to your mind
as much a pair of spectacles to your eyes "

d h y a n a m
Part - 13

Meditation may not make your eyes see any more clearer than what it does now. But certainly it can clean up the myopia of your mind. Only hassle in that is the pain you may have to go through, while the mind is cleaned up for a better perception and understanding. This cleaning process seem invariably unavoidable to just about anyone, who resorted to check out, what lies behind the known and tangible in this world.

Disciple : I was comforting myself always with
this belief that meditation is meant for
concentration and perhaps the razor sharp focus !
Master : On the contrary, meditation is to lose
all your concentration on anything in particular !
Disciple : This one sure complicates my understanding
about meditation a bit more. If not focused, how can
you claim a mind to be in meditation ?
Master : In fact, with the focus business,
the mind can never said to be in meditation
because focus idea is just another hocus-pocus
understanding in spirituality !
Disciple : Am I not supposed to concentrate during meditation ?
Master : During meditation, the mind is expected to
expand and explore the unknown echelons of your being !
If your mind got busy with concentrating, for truth's sake,
it would shrink and that would amount to some
kind of narrowing vision and obsessive behavior
from your side during meditation !

The concentration may appear to be the highest virtue of meditation but that's sadly reducing something as big as the Himalayas to the subterrain dead sea at Israel. Because concentration is a outcome in meditation and certainly not the practice of meditation !

Disciple : I think I got this one straight, you are saying that
I cannot practice concentration because it is an outcome during
my meditation than a tool for meditation ! Am I right ?
Master : Precisely ! It means whenever you heard someone
advising you to concentrate on anything during meditation,
understand that he is no less than a quack and an ignorant mountebank !

To mix up the outcome with actual practice is the greatest misdemeanor to occur during the initial stages of your meditation process. Concentration is only a byproduct that may spring up from the unexpected quarters of your mind as a result of effective meditation. But to make an attempt at concentration may take away any possibility of authentic meditation happening in your pursuit of truth for the rest of your lifetime.

So what should I exactly do
when i start my meditation ?
Master : You should be able to observe
more than focus at the start of your meditation.
You can observe anything and
everything during that time !
Disciple : It makes sense indeed. But what
actually was the problem with concentration?
Master : Concentration may cause stress to your mind
and throb in your head, besides the blood shot eyes !
Disciple : Because of the strenuous practice of fixing the
attention on something, the mind can be stressed out ?
Master : Yes. try to focus on anything and you will know
within minutes, that you are in for a big mental gridlock !
Disciple : Instead of concentration, should I simply observe ?
Master : Exactly ! Observing gently without much involvement !
Disciple : But on what I should observe ?
Master : Again not as a rule, but as part of the process, you would
observe anything that comes to your mind !
Disciple : Should I observe the same for a certain span of time ?
Master : Then you would reduce observation to concentration again !

Observation without participation makes you think that your mind is behaving like a untamed horse at the annual rodeo. But if you understand that is how the mind works all the time, you may allow the hopping mind and simply observe the hopping. What began as an aimless observation, slowly progresses towards a more stable and grasped observation.

Disciple : If the mind is too much disturbed and is
not ready to observe, what should be done ?
Master : Observe the disturbance. Simply
observe anything that happens !
Disciple : What happens if I observe the disturbances ?
Master : The disturbances settle down and the first rays
of clarity begin to shine on the surface of your mind !