More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" it is not how long but how
deep you mediate that matters "

part - 25

The common belief that, the longer you meditate every sitting, the greater your spiritual growth is just a ludicrous idea and nothing more than an impossible farce. The moment you plan the span of meditation, you have already brought the factor in your meditation. When you do anything based on time, the awareness or the realization of the inner Self has slipped away from you very far.

Disciple : If I don't bring in the time factor
then I may not know how long I have to meditate ?
Master : That's where the problem is. When you plan
the span of meditation, you may end up 'doing' the
meditation and lose the opportunity to just be
in the meditation, which can become a hindrance !
Disciple : It is kind of scary to think
of sitting without keeping a track on time !
Disciple : What exactly is the problem
in keeping a track on the time ?
Master : Your mind gets tangled up in to the time
and space variables. You will be busy with time
keeping and that can keep you under the spell of
maya !

The reason why you cannot sit for meditation without time on your mind is because of your endless plans and apparent deadlines. Not just meditation but it applies to everything in your life. While most things in your life are governed by time and space, meditation should be able to free yourself from their clutches. That's when the true liberation is possible.

Disciple : But I'm afraid that it would cause
permanent change to my style of living ?
Master : True, but that's what is expected of
meditation practices. You should be prepared
for changed in your thinking and as a result
in your style of perception and living !

Without time on your mind, if you could explore the depth of your self, you would mostly end up, with those rare glimpses of your true self. The quality of your mind varies when it does not entertain time(and space). The same mind is trapped in the relativity only when it is under the grips of time (and space).

Disciple : I don't understand what do you mean by saying
under the grips of time and space. Please elaborate ?
Master : The time and space creates results and progress !
Disciple : But is it not meditation done for progress?
Master : Meditation is neither for progress nor for regress !

The actual 'progress' and 'success' of meditation happens, only when you have dropped both of them unconditionally. Till you entertain positive results and successful progress, the meditation is only strengthening your ignorance only.

Disciple : What exactly is
the ignorance here ?
Master : To think that you
will attain success some day
and to think that you are
progressing in spirituality is
all ignorance. Because in reality
you never achieve anything in
meditation. You will never
become successful or
progressive in meditation.
Disciple : Why I cannot progress
or become successful in meditation ?
Master : Because to be progressive
and to become successful, the span
of time is required. That's where
the meditation fails to take off
to its higher realms.

The precious moments of just 'being' in meditation opens up the secrets vistas to your inner self. The length of meditation can never take you there, but only the depth of your meditation, has the ability to transport you there, without actually going anywhere, doing anything.

Disciple : Where does the 'length'
of my meditation usually take me ?
Master : It would usually
take you to either success
or the failure of meditation !
Disciple : Where does the 'depth'
of my meditation take me to ?
Master : It would take you beyond
both the success and failure forever !