More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" if you meditate upon 'something' then you
would reduce meditation to silly concentration "

d h y a n a m
Part - 22

It can be amusing attimes when you hear people talk about meditation as an art of concentration. They are always quick to quip "Im not able to concentrate during my meditation, mind is wandering here and there". But the same people also announce that meditation is meant to develop concentration powers. It is a puzzle that you want to achieve concentration, through concentration.

Disciple : How to meditate if I
cannot concentrate on anything ?
Master : Firstly you should be
clear whether you want to
meditate or concentrate !
Disciple : I thought they are both same ?
Master : The more you concentrate during
your 'meditation' the farther you will
go away from your possible meditation !
Disciple : You seem to find fault with
every thing I beleive and do ?
Master : Cant help it really !

The mind is like a rodent house mouse, always gnawing and nibbling just about anything and everything around. To stop such a slippery mind from floating everywhere is as impossible as a mad hungry dog sitting and concentrating on piece of a thrown bone without a bark. Just as much as your heart thumping itself endlessly, as much as your breath penetrates in and out of you constantly, the nerves and veins pulsate tirelessly, the mind too will keep entertaining various thoughts helplessly(prior to meditation).

Disciple : Why then is concentration
talked of in such glorious terms ?
Master : It may be is a glorious thing
for certain people indeed.
But not certainly more glorious
than meditation itself !
Disciple : Is concentration required
at all in meditation ?
Master : Not at all. Because if the mind is
stalled from moving, in the name of
concentration, then further exploration
in meditation is not possible !

Concentration can cause a lot of stress to the mind, as you have to restrict your attention to a singular object and can probably mute and disable the mind from detecting the inner self. While you need not concentrate on anything during mediation, you would however, end up finding a greater level of concentration, happened to you as a result of meditation. But such a concentration cannot certainly forced by you.

Disciple : So If I dont concentrate, then
what else I should do during meditation?
Master : Nothing much other
than just let things happen !
Disciple : What should I do if my mind is
running away hither and tither?
Master : Dont even have the
slightest doubt, that it could be wrong !
Disciple : Not stopping the
thoughts, but just allowing them?
Master : Precisely. Because your
effort is to get the realization
of your Self and not tampering and
stopping your thoughts !

Meditation or yoga is not meant for crippling or causing death to the mind. But help the isolated mind find its source and reunite. It takes a healthy wandering mind to actually reunite with its substratum called Inner Self or Consciousness. But when the mind is halted and paralysed from thinking further, there is little chance of it to reunite with the Consciousness.

Disciple : Suppose my mind goes to some
delicious pastries during meditation,
can I consider that as a disturbance ?
Master : On the contrast, you should
think of it as an opportunity !
Disciple : How can that be ?
Master : You should be able to think that the
pastry sold by a man, who has the same consciousness
as yours and the pastry was made by another man, who
has the same consciousness as yours and when you
began to trace the source of all that your mind
entertains, that very moment meditation is
happening in you, on its own !