More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" Meditation does not help you find anything new,
because everything is already there inside you "

d h y a n a m
Part - 10

The need to stay in touch with the world and people, the need to be successful and clever to survive the rigors of life are some of the reasons, why meditation is not so easy to employ. The disturbances and interruptions are just the inner conflicts coming to surface during meditation.

Disciple : What are these inner
conflicts actually ?
Master : They are not really conflicts
till you started the meditation !
Disciple : How is that ?
Master : Before meditation, you thought
you have to gain everything in this
world as much as possible. Your share of
a bite in this apple called world seem so
important to you. But in meditation time,
you begin to realize that there is nothing
you will gain but have many things to lose.
That's when the conflicts start !

The fear of losing one's own ideas and beliefs, however trivial and false they are, causes the disturbances during meditation. Because everyone at the start thing of gaining untold goodness as a result of meditation. But strangely the 'goodness' is never gained, only found again.

Disciple : So there is nothing
to gain in meditation ?
Master : Exactly !
There is nothing to gain !
but lots of things to lose indeed !
Disciple : I get this feeling that
you are trying to say,
"there is nothing more to gain
than what is already there" ?
Master : How so precisely you have put it !
Disciple : Does it mean that I would not
earn more money than what i do now ?
Master : But what for you earn money ?
Disciple : To be comfortable and happy !
Master : So the money is not for money
sake but only for the happiness sake ?
Disciple : True. Money by itself cannot
bring happiness unless I have it already !
Master : So the money and other securities in life
only trigger the happiness which is already in you !

Meditation is only a process, where you rediscover what is already there. Nothing new to learn or earn. Same time, there is much to flush out. In fact the loss is the actual 'gain' there. When this is understood during meditation, sitting without a squirm is quite a possibility.

Disciple : What exactly gets flushed
out or lost during meditation ?
Master : Just about everything that
clouded your vision to realize the Truth !
Disciple : Do i lose my fears for example ?
Master : Yes. The true progress of meditation can
be gauged with the rapidly disappearing fears !
Disciple : Fear of all kinds will disappear ?
Master : The cause for all your fears will
disappear and as a result fears to disappear !