More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" the fear of losing control over the world,
your mind refuses to enter within "

d h y a n a m
Part - 15

Some people treat meditation or even sleep like a mission impossible, only because of their inherent fear of losing all that they know and have in the external world. Their obsession with the outer world is so intense (without their knowledge), that they find it difficult to withdraw from it and enter in to meditation.

Disciple : Is it their attachment with the outer
world that prevents them to enter inside?
Master : True. It is attachment partly and
and partly it is fear of losing the outer world !
Disciple : What exactly it means ?
Master : Its the fear of having your contact lost
with the external world, so familiar to you till now !
Disciple : Give me example to understand this better ?
Master : Its about feeling like a stranger,
in your own home town when you returned,
after many years of living in a foreign land !
When you return, the town is never the same.
You seem to have lost the hang of people and
events there. You would feel terribly lost !
Disciple : I got it now. You say that entering
meditation is like leaving one's home town
to a unknown destination ?
Master : Quite rightly. Leaving a dear home
and hometown you are so much attached to,
besides, the fear of losing it forever as you leave it !

Two major reasons why your meditation is not happening properly..
1. unwillingness to drop the outer world
(of dreams, plans and hopes)
2. fear of not returning back to the outer world
(of enjoyments )

The fear of messing up one's own future is predominant in the mind of a seeker, when he sits for real meditation, where there is nothing fancy to hold on to. This similar fear can reflect on one's sleep too. People dread the night time for its sleep, because when they enter the sleep, they usually enter with lots of outside world conflicts, their sleep would become a breeding ground for those conflicts. People with such conflicts cannot even stay alone in their room for a considerable time.

Disciple : If i can stay alone in my room for hours
together, then I am eligible for meditation ?
Master : That's not an eligibility but only an ability,
meditation goes far beyond that actually.
But if you are comfortable with your own self while
being alone, certainly you can meditate more easily !

(after awhile..)

Disciple : Is it true that one would end up
losing everything after meditation ?
Master : Losing what ? for example?
Disciple : Like relationships, money, status etc ?
Master ; Everything would remain there, even
after a few minutes of deep meditation !
Disciple : So there is nothing to be lost at all ?
Master : There are a few things that may be lost !
Disciple : What are they ?
Master : Your perception about relationships, money
and hundred other intimate things, may get lost and
will be replaced with brand new ways of seeing them all !
Disciple : Does it mean, I may get richer
or poorer after meditation ?
Master : Neither of them will matter to
you any more after a real meditation !