More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" Disturbances during meditation comes
from within and never from outside "

d h y a n a m
Part - 8

All the meditation techniques help you to go within. But they cannot themselves enter beyond a point. It may not be effective and it may not even be required. If you visualize serene skies and long winding beaches, with blue sheet of water everywhere, you may start to feel that you are actually there. Kind of a holiday by the sea, without actually any traveling done.

Disciple : It sounds so groovy.
Is it not such a technique help
tackle the out side disturbances?
Master : Not really. Because the
disturbances never belong to the outside !
Disciple : Do they belong to me ?
How can you say that ?
Master : The disturbances arise from
the way your mind responds to the
sounds and sights from outside !
Disciple : Please explain with some examples ?
Master : If a child cries during your meditation,
it is only a sound but how you listen and name
such a sound is where the disturbances begin !

If you are clear about all the sounds from outside, that they cannot actually disturb you, unless you consider them as disturbances, then that's a major milestone in the progress of your Meditation. So the various techniques keep your mind busy and prevent from fighting with the disturbances and also facilitate your entry within.

Disciple : What is the problem in
actually using such techniques?
Master : You tend to get attached
to them and mistake them as the
ultimate goal of Meditation !
Disciple : So what should I do
with the techniques ?
Master : Use them with proper understanding
of their limitation and know for yourself
that there is a long way to go, even
after you dropped those techniques !
Disciple : How and why the
techniques should be dropped ?
Master : People can buy a ticket for you,
they can come drop you at the airport,
but they cannot travel on your behalf !
Disciple : But how do I drop the techniques ?
Master : Like you say good bye to the people
who came to drop you at the airport !
Disciple : Can people be
compared to the techniques?
Master : More or less. Because both
help you to go within !

The road map is not exactly the road. Its a classical example. Road map can help, but you still have to drive the entire length of it. If the techniques are understood well, then the journey within is a very pleasant and tireless one.

Disciple : But strangely, I find I am
more disturbed only when I meditate, why ?
Master : Yes it is highly possible !
Disciple : But why it is like that ?
Master : Because when you meditate,
you become aware of many things,
which you are not aware other times !
Disciple : But I seem to be aware of
all negative things and feel pathetic !
Master : Exactly ! That's how it works !
All the negative and limited ideas you
have in your mind, get uprooted and
start coming to the surface !
Disciple : How do I stop them ?
I would rather prefer the visuals of
my walk on the long winding beaches !
Master : Don't ever try to stop it, however
horrible the feelings are. Just let them
continue. That's an important and vital

stage in your progressive Meditation !
Disciple : So when my mind is
troubled during Meditation I should
not practice visualization techniques ?
Master : Use it only when it is absolutely
needed by you ! Know how much to use it !
Disciple : Then what should I do ?
Master : Close it and keep it aside,
like you did with some colorful
brochure in your travel agent's office !

The mind is like a television 'idiot' box with many channels running simultaneously. You can choose a favorite channel to view the sights and sounds and draw comfort. But you can also knock off the channel and put the television to silence.