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Off The Cuff Utterances

" the course of your meditation can never
be the same always, because you are
never the same each time you meditate "

d h y a n a m
Part - 20

The idea of fixed techniques during meditation may not work, because everytime you sit for meditation, its always a whole new experience. To fix a particular place, posture, time, clothes, methods can help only till you learnt, how to sit down and get ready for meditation. Little after you settled, meditation is not in your hands.

Disciple : Is it not the same person meditating every day ?
Master : The person is the same, but his moods are different each day !
Disciple : The results also may change according to the mood ?
Master : Exactly. Your mood decides not only the result
but also the course of your meditaion !

What is your mood at the start of the meditation will decide the rest of all the happenings during your meditation. It has very little to do with your clothes or the place you chose for meditation. The quality of your meditation can be different in so many ways each time.

Disciple : The place and clothes do
not decide the course of meditation?
Master : Not always. For few days
they may be of great help !
Disciple : Then what is the need for a
particular time and place for mediation ?
Master : Just to bring some discipline to
yourself, as you were a beginner of meditation !
Disciple : Is it not the ideal settings of an ashram
in the early morning, with particular robes can
enhance the meditation ?
Master : Its not ideal but just an idea. One can still be
terribly disturbed despite all such idyllic settings.

The moods of your mind are so dynamic. They keep swinging all the time, no matter you are in a monastery or in a shopping mall. The moods can overpower the enivronment and the ambience around you. The quality of your meditation can be different, if you started with an angry mood or with a sombre mood. But whatever the mood you started, need not be same even at the end of meditation. Most likely you would have lost that mood for that time.

Disciple : Is it not the environment
create a particular mood for the mind?
Master : Not always. It can be reverse too !
Disciple : All the moods end in
the same manner with meditation ?
Master : Most likely yes. But still you
cannot fix the exact result or even the course !

Even though the end result can be quite the same despite a varied start, proceeding and duration of meditation, still you cannot conclude on the result of meditation. Because each time you would stop your meditation at different stages. As you start of with different moods, you may end up with different moods too. This is how the meditation works in the initial days.

Disciple : A particular mood is required to start meditation ?
Master : Then the struggle to achieve that particular mood can
spoil any possibility of your meditation !

Whatever the mood it is, you can sit down and start from the point where you are, as you are at that moment. Do not think that you are meditating in order to change that mood. Do not carry any agenda. Just sit down quietly and explore yourself. Do not even think that you should get better or worse than what you are from the start.

Disciple : It sounds truly aimless indeed !
Master : And thats why it appears like a huge task !
Disciple : But ideally speaking true meditation should
change one from bad mood to a good mood ?
Master : On the contrary, the true meditation should
get you out of all possible moods forever in your life !