More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" authentic meditation is a like a bumper crop,
so much to harvest from,
and concentration is just one of them "

d h y a n a m
Part - 24

Concentration is simply focus of the mind. But it would be a futile effort to keep it focused on a singular thing for hours together. It is very nonhuman like. The focus on anything by even the most focused person, may last only for few minutes. Even an immoderate glutton can focus on food only for awhile, in between his mind would wander off to his unfinished work at office, and of course get back to food again.

Disciple : Is it OK if the mind
keeps wandering this way?
Master; Perfectly alright.
But there is one thing
you need to watch !
Disciple : May I know whats that ?
Master ; Even it wandered off,
how steady it focused on wherever
the mind bumped into is important !
Disciple : I dont quite understand this !
Master : Your mind can keep hopping
from one to other thing. But it can
still remain focused on everything
it hopped on to !

You could be reading the news paper for a moment and the very next moment you turn on the TV to catch the latest news, in between you would have sipped the cup of tea. But you can be focused on all of them, differently as you pass by them in those few moments.

Disciple : This sounds amazing and so
different from all that I heard so far !
Master : Let me explain, being totally in
whatever you do, however short it may be,
is what you should know as concentration !
Disciple : But still the mind can be wandering ?
Master : Yes, because on what you concentrate
does not matter, because what really matters is
whether your mind can concentrate on anything
even if it is for just a passing moment ?

Trivial or profound, if you can be with it fully, then concentration happened to you. It need not be a long torturous experience, but concentration can be good enough for even those successive moments lasting very short time. If you watched TV only for a minute and if you really watched that moment fully, till the telephone called you, then your concentration levels are very good.

Disciple : Concentration is possible
even with such momentary actions ?
Master : Yes, moment by moment,
irrespective of whatever you do !
Disciple : I think I'm getting the point,
but not yet sure about applying it
effectively. What should I do ?
Master : Just concentrate. Do not
bother about on what you concentrate.
But simply anything you see, speak and do,
simple focus on them !
Disciple : If something else takes
away my concentration, what should I do ?
Master : Move from this and concentrate on that !