More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" Anything that brings your awareness
to 'this' moment is known as Meditation "



Part - 6

It is always easier to start meditation with some proven method or a technique. Like the ignition for the car to start off from being stationery. In Meditation you do the opposite, do something which would help you to slow and cool down and stop all that you have been doing till that point.

Disciple : Visualization technique helps that way ?
Master : Yes, especially when mind is
projecting many unwanted images !
Disciple : Unwanted images
can disturb the mind ?
Master : yes, and images of
something more Serene
can help quieten the mind !
Disciple : Is it not the
quiet mind to be achieved
in Meditation ?
Master : Never, the quiet
mind is only a preparation
for actual meditation to follow !
Disciple : So quietness of the mind is
not the spiritual goal ?
Master : That's just the starter, the main
course is yet to come !
Disciple : What happens if one stopped with
the starter and did not proceed to the main course?
Master : That will result in starvation and hunger and
and as a result, lack of fulfillment and completeness too !

It is an easy choice to stop the Meditation process mistakenly, just after your mind became a bit tranquil. In fact Meditation is increasingly believed to serve up tranquility and peace to the stressed mind.

Disciple : It is true that whenever
I found myself little quieter during
Meditation I get so 'inspired' to do something !
Master : That sudden urge to get active must be
ignored. Must proceed to explore further !
Disciple : What to expect at that point of time ?
Master : Nothing. This is where the rules
of the world will fail. This is where you
should stop applying your worldly knowledge !

As a true seeker of the Truth, you cannot settle for any thing lesser than Truth itself. From a restless turbulent mind you would pass through various stages during the 'journey' called Meditation. But if you strayed off in to some 'station' en route, the actual 'destination will remain elusive.

Disciple : So you say one should not halt
the process of Meditation because it is
felt good at some point of time?
Master : Can halt briefly but must
proceed further again after a brief while !
Disciple : What happens if one stops ?
Master : You will end up slurping
on the tomato soup and will never
complete the full course meal !