More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" you neither see it nor taste it but only can realize it"

Part - 2

Most important thing that may spring up as a result of a properly understood and done Meditation is realization of the unknown Self, hidden somewhere away from the naked eyes. But that hardly happens in the initial attempts at Meditation.

Disciple : Why is it the realization of the
unknown Self does not happen
at the first attempt itself ?
Master : Mostly its due to the lack of
proper knowledge about Meditation !
Disciple : If proper knowledge is present
then it may happen at the first attempt itself ?
Master : Need not be. Despite the knowledge,
the realization can delay a bit due to the old
habits of the mind coming in the way !

You call an experience as real, only when it is experienced by the mind through any one of the five senses. The direct experience of the objects experienced by the mind through senses are known as good and bad experiences. But Meditation is meant to 'experience' something dramatically different.

Disciple : So what exactly is old habit
here, which prevent me from experiencing
Truth in the first attempt itself ?
Master : The old habit is obvious that you
think the senses can see or touch or smell
the Truth (Consciousness, Inner Self, Atman) !
Disciple : So if sensory perception is absent,
then how can the experience of the
Consciousness is possible ?
Master : Such a thought that Truth or God
must be 'experienced' is the greatest obstacle
while making attempts at Meditation !
Disciple : I am surprised to
hear that God or Consciousness
cannot be experienced by me !
Master : True. You can neither see
it nor touch it, nor experience it !
Disciple : Then how do I deal with it ?
Master : By realizing it !

Realization is a unique feature of the mind. Usually realization does not happen with your eyes or ears but somewhere else incognito, in your mind, in the form of realization.

Disciple : Its amazing to hear about this
realization, what exactly it is ?
Master : Realization is growing in awareness !
Disciple : Are they both same ?
Master : Not at all. It starts off with awareness
and eventually end in the grand state of realization !
Disciple : Is it some kind of a process ?
Master : Yes. It is called as Meditation !

What begins with trickling drops of awareness(glimpses of truth), now and then, gathers momentum and ends the process as Self- Realization. Its a journey like. But not geographical but simply psychological.

Disciple : What is the old habit here ?
Master : the seeker mistakes this psychological
journey as physical journey and makes it a point
to travel to all the holy places !
Disciple : Is it wrong to make a
physical journey to holy places ?
Master : Not so, but to mistake physical journey
as journey to the destination of 'God' !
Disciple : I can see the fallacy in that !
Master : This habit of 'seeing' God by eyes
inside the temple continues even during meditation !
Disciple : How does that happen ?
Master : The Meditator starts imagining and visualizing
different Gods and images and thinks that is Meditation !

The land of truth is not cognitive or even tangible. So man created places of worship with special symbols and characteristics to give himself some sample of how the 'divinity' is looked like. The ringing of the bells, incense sticks, the beautiful idol, the incantations and recitations of various mantras(sacred sounds) can create a land of virtual Truth by convincing your senses. But when the same is imagined during the Meditation, then it can be the obnoxious old habit, which can prevent you moving further on your psychological journey, to the apparent 'destination' within you.