More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" you go nowhere and gain nothing in meditation"

Part -4

Meditation does not transport you to a whole new world, high in the heavens, and if it already did, then it is the power of your imagination that's working. Meditation has no such power to take you places, it can only tell you clearly, where you are at the time of your Meditation. It brings an awareness about the most latest condition of your mind. If you sit for Meditation in order to go on a virtual tour of the fanciful 'God's kingdom', then you should know that you are busy these days, simply fooling yourself.

Disciple : You mean to say that visualization
during Meditation is not proper?
Master : Its ok to visualize but
its NOT ok to think its real !
Disciple : Whats the problem in believing it as real ?
Master : It would be nothing short of the
fool's paradise, if you believed your own imagination !
Disciple : There is no use for the
visualization technique at all then ?
Master : There is plenty. But you should know that they
don't serve you well on the longer and winding journey
called as Meditation !
Disciple : How much does it help ?
Master : It helps only to divert your disturbed mind
away from disturbances. Like turning on the TV can help
you forget your problems for sometime !
Disciple : So it is nothing more than watching TV ?
Master : Precisely ! With all the channels running inside
your head, the visualization technique is nothing more than
just watching a favorite channel on TV !
Disciple : Perhaps the TV can ease the mind a bit ?
Master : Yes it can ease, please and tease
Still what you see is only TV and not the reality !

The visualization technique is indeed a helpful device, but not the ultimate help. Finding comfort on the seat of meditation with pleasing visuals of Himalayas and all the Gods, complete with sound of ringing bells, the aromatic incense sticks, with the reverberating chants of the holy mantras in the backdrop can take you 'almost' there to world of the Gods, but the world of Gods do not match anything even weebit closer to your imaginations.

Disciple : Why the world of Gods
does not match my imagination ?
Master : Because it does not
exist separate from you !
Disciple : What does it mean ?
Master : You are already in
the creation of God and God
does not have another separate
outhouse elsewhere in the heavens !
Disciple : So what exactly I should do now ?
Master : When you sit for Meditation, you are free
to imagine as wild or divine as you can, but do so with
total awareness of the fact that it is false and illusory !
Disciple : But if I dismiss it as false then what else do i do ?
Master : You should then shift from the false world of imaginations to
the reality in and around you !

The shift from the visualized world to the real is the major breakthrough in your Meditation. To visualize a quiet and serene landscape helps to settle the mind of all its hot and burning issues. The visuals in your mind during Meditation are like eating watermelons in the tropical heat. But once the mind has cooled down from the burning issues, then its time to shift to the reality that exists around you.

Disciple : Does it mean I should bring
my focus back to the burning issues of my life?
Master : Not at all. But to the immediate surroundings !
Disciple : But that is to listen to my hand phone screaming ?
Master : Yes, let it scream !
Disciple : But that can be disturbing me,
especially during the Meditation ?
Master : It will not disturb you, when you dropped the
idea that it can disturb you !
Disciple : You mean the sounds in the immediate
surroundings don't disturb ?
Master : Never they can disturb you !
Disciple : But why they appear like
disturbances during Meditation ?
Master : Because they disturb
your imaginary world of gods in
your visualizations, so you
think it disturbs you too !
Disciple : True, Gods don't use hand phones,
so it would be odd to hear such a sound there !
Master : The phone ring can shatter all your
ideas and imaginations and uproot them. Since you created the
world of Gods in your head, you get angry when it gets disturbed !