More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" you can eat in time and perhaps sleep
in time but cannot meditate in time "

Part - 1

Meditation is probably the most mysterious process than most other things while making spiritual attempts by any individual. It is only because meditation is the link between the known and unknown. So it appears 'oh so easy' at times and then suddenly it becomes a 'oh such a pain'. In fact that's why anything said about meditation can be right and wrong simultaneously.

Disciple : Why this meditation is
such a fussy affair?
Master : Because you want it to
happen in a particular manner !
Disciple : Is not there a defined
method of meditation ?
Master : Never. There can never be
a definite method of meditation !
Disciple : Why so ?
Master : Because what you try to achieve
through meditation is not definite itself !

The real purpose of Meditation always is to know the unknown. But as is the norm for most subtler things, Meditation too can serve up more than a singular subtle purpose, such as 'peace of mind' or 'focus of the mind' etc. Only when you need to focus on something known, then there can be a definite methodology or a technique possible.

Disciple : But I want to know what
do you mean by the 'known' ?
Master : All that which are knowable
by your senses can be called as 'known' !
Disciple : OK, I think I figure this
but please give me an example ?
Master : A sunrise or a rain fall or perhaps
the moonlit midnight can be called as 'known' !
Disciple : Why they are called as 'known' ?
Master : Because you can see them by your eyes
and can tell what they are !

Besides the eyes, all that you can hear, smell, taste and touch also can be called as 'known'. When something can be comprehended by your senses then it has become already 'known'.

Disciple : How do they become known to me ?
Master : Suppose if you close your eyes and hear
a sound of a moving automobile, most likely you
can tell which type of automobile it is.
That's why they are called as 'known'
Disciple : Suppose if I still cant
tell the type of sound I heard ?
Master : Then you will open your eyes and
check with someone and soon will come
to 'know' which type it was !

This world is either 'known' to you or still to be known to you. If you have not known it, you can always refer to the people who 'knew' it or you can come to 'know' it in the dictionary or the encyclopedia or through some search engine on the Internet without wasting much time.

Disciple : In short, whenever the term
'known' is mentioned, I should understand
that it indicates the world ?
Master : Precisely !
Disciple : Do you say that Meditation is not meant
for knowing the knowable ?
Master : Not really. But you can follow a technique
only for knowing the knowable things in the world !
Disciple : So then what is 'unknown' ?
Master : That which your senses can
never understand or comprehend is 'Unknown' !
Disciple : Is there a example possible ?
Master : No example possible. Because
there is nothing else exists like it,
to give as an example !
It is the ONLY thing without another !