More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" Yoga works both ways,
seeking within and reaching out"

R E - U N I O N
Part - 3

Yoga is not a culmination point where your life would come to a sudden, unannounced end. It is not always the mind seek the inner self and reunite. That would be just one way. But upon reuniting with the inner self, the mind could free itself of the ideas, it has been bound with till the moment.

Disciple : That's some good news actually !
Master : Rightly so ! Because anything one way
can be staggeringly longer and tiresome !
Disciple : But kindly explain how does it work both ways ?
Master : Firstly it is the search by the matter to unite
with the spirit, then the spirit reach out to matter !
Disciple : I'm dazzled just now. What does it mean ?
Master : Nothing much. It means that Yoga does not happen
only when you sit quietly and reunite with your inner self.
It also happens when the mind has lost all its individual
identity and allow the expression of the inner self fluently !

The man who is established in Yoga is called as Yoga Nishta (he who is established in Yoga). Yogi cannot be misunderstood to be a Yoga instructor, who make you pay for bending your own body in some fashionable studio. But something very far from it.

The Yogi's life can be divided in two phases.
1. Seeking the source within, using the mind, breath and body.
2. Reaching to the world, using the same body , breath and mind.

Disciple : Reaching to the world here means,
doing selfless service to humanity ?
Master : Need not be. It is just
about anything he does
comes from his inner being than
just from his body and mind !
Disciple : How does that happen ?
Master : Nothing so great, but being
simply aware of his expressions !
Disciple : Doing everything in the world
with total self awareness ?
Master : It could not have been described
any better than the way you did !

While seeking worldly comforts(Bhoga) may end in a insipid life, the seeking of the inner self(Yoga) results in contrast. The insipid life comes alive all of a sudden. The yogi can delight in small things as his inner self now expresses without an obstruction in between. Because the mind which is in between the Consciousness (Atman, Inner Self, Godlikeness)and the world, does not impose its own limited propensities anymore.

Disciple : I think I understood but I need
some examples to understand still better !
Master : OK. If a Bhogi and Yogi set out to
eat in a restaurant and when they reach the restaurant
they realize its closed for some reason. Then the Bhogi
will be greatly disappointed while the Yogi gets inspired.
Disciple : How does that inspiration help ?
Master : It helps to look for the next best restaurant
without giving up the idea of eating outside !
Disciple : Even a Bhogi will look for another restaurant?
Master : Yes, in fact all the more seriously, but he
would do so with frustration and not with inspiration !
Disciple : But upon finding the next
restaurant the Bhogi's frustration may end ?
Master : True, but the Yogi's insipration may never die
even if had to return home without finding a restaurant !

In other words, the Bhogi had a restricted idea of eating only in that restaurant at any cost. But the Yogi was not restricted by any such idea and was ready to face the unprecedence in life and accept. He would not lose his appetite or the eagerness as he looked for the next restaurant. The Bhogi wants life to take shape the ways he imagined. The Yogi simply is aware of the way the life is taking shape all around him.