More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" Yoga is not a path but destination "

PART - 2

Yoga is the most simplfied term in use today. Its flippant usage can also derail its original purport and meaning. The most prominent usage of Yoga is physical postures. But it should be called as Asanas(postures) which is meant to discipline the body and make it sittable for longer periods of time.

Disciple : Why it should sit for long time ?
Master : not only sit for longer but infact
sit without much movement !
Disciple : Ah, I know now. It is meant for meditation ?
Master : Well said. It is also used for longer
and intense contemplations!
Disciple : Is the body postures
necessary in self awareness?
Master : Truly so. In the initial days
when body plays a vital role in turning
your attention inwards, the
Yoga Asanas are important !

If you observe carefully the word Yoga, it may cling on to many other words like Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Sanyasa Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Jnana Yoga etc. There are still many more terminologies with the suffix yoga goes in the Hindu scriptures.

Disciple : Yes I have seen and wondered
if they all deal with exercises !
Master : They are all the various
methodologies that may lead the seeker
to experience Yoga, which is the spiritual
goal !
Disciple : Why then the word Yoga is attached
to so many other words ?
Master : Just to indicate that using a particular
path, one can reach the state of Yoga !
Disciple : So if I want to acheive the highest
spiritual state through meditation then
I can call it as a meditation yoga ?
Master : Exactly. As 'Dhyana(meditation)
Yoga' !

While Bhoga is union with the 'created world', the Yoga is union with the 'Creator' or God. But the purpose is the same. To find fulfillment. The mind of a person, when look around for fulfillment in the world, he is a Bhogi and when turned within, he is a Yogi.

Disciple : Why does the mind search outside
in the first place? Why it does not start
to search within from the beginning ?
Master : Just trying out the easier way.
The mind is trained to search that way !
Disciple : Who trained it ?
Master : It gets trained by itself !

Man drifted far in to created world through his senses and thereby left his home ground out of ignorance. The mechanism of the mind is built to get lost in the world and thats what happens precisely.

Disciple : So there is never anyone who is
focussed only within and never
was attracted to the world from birth ?
Master : Thats impossible. Everyone has
to deal with the created world !
Disciple : So everyone is a Bhogi ?
Master : Yes. If you drank water from
the tap then you are a Bhogi !
Disciple : So everyone is a Yogi too ?
Master : Not necessarily. Many are trying.
Some imagine themselves to be Yogis,
Few are indeed Yogis !
Disciple : Everyone gets a chance to be a yogi ?
Master : Nobody to give a chance for this.
Its a open choice !