More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" when you find what you search
in this world, its called as Bhoga "

Part 1

This life is one endless search in itself. Every moment there is a need to search for something and as always, when you search for something, it is necessary to find what you search too. When you dont get what you search, that may result in sorrow. The sorrow of not having found what you looking for manufactures this unique state of being 'bound'.

But when you look for something in this world and if you manage to lay your hands on it, then it appears to create a sense of 'freedom' in you. This pseudo state of freedom, you seem to delight in making something your own is called as Bhoga !

Disciple : Is it wrong to look for something in this world ?
Master : Not at all. This world is like a huge supermall,
Everyone has to do a bit of the shopping, if you did not
know how to shop in this mall to meet your needs,
then you would still remain incomplete !
Disciple : Im quite good at shopping !
Infact I can shop till I drop !
Master : Then you are called as the Bhogi !
Disciple : Whats does that mean ?
Master : The one who indulges in this world !

This world around us is usually reduced (by us) to just a endless shopping emporium, where we waste no time in 'ogling and gobbling' just about everything. Name it, food, friends, sex, relationships, lifestyles, automobiles, success, respect, power, money and status and lots and lots more.

Disciple : Why this urge to indulge happens ?
Master : The urge is not really about enjoying
this world, but to find some sense of fulfillment within !
Disciple : Can this world give that fulfillment ?
Master : Yes, but such an fulfillment is no more
real than the fire in a firefly !

Bhoga or indulgence by the mind is primarily to find happiness or bliss or the untold hundred other experiences. This constant seeking to gratify is inherently present in the genes of human being. Food that gratify through the tongue, visuals that satisfy through the eyes, sounds that appease through the ears, aromas that tickle through the nose, sensations that quench the body thirst, the momentary fulfillment is found plenty all around.

Disciple : The sensual enjoyments are
called as indulgence ?
Master : Even emotional, psychological,
intellectual ingulgences are possible !
Disciple : Can they be called as indulgence too ?
Master : If you enjoyed a quiet evening
with your friend recollecting profound
memories, even that is just indulgence only !

A soothing music, steaming food, noisy TV, cozy bed, easy chair, pleasing sights, teasing colors, speeding car, thrilling adventures, loving family, paying job, all of them are just sheer indulgence only. Every moment there is an urge to enjoy whatever comes within the purview.

Disciple ; Is this form of
enjoyment is incorrect spiritually ?
Master : It is rather incomplete.
Indulgence and enjoyment of the world
does not make you feel complete
at any point of time !
Disciple : So should I give up
the enjoyments of this world ?
Master : Instead, If you can do that shopping
without dropping and understand well
that this world and its people are
incapable of giving you any fulfillment,
that very jiffy, you begin to transcend Bhoga !
Disciple : what should I do now ?
Master : Go for the shopping, but
dont wait till the dropping !
Disciple : What does it mean ?
Master : It means that time has come to
search for fulfillment elsewhere !