More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" When Bhoga (indulgence) misfires,
it can result in Roga (disease) "

Part - 3

The world that surround you every moment and around every bit of you can actually display moments of fulfillment everyday. But for moments only and nothing more. Besides, the world can leave you high and dry. After the high, it can leave you with the hangups and a heart ache too.

Disciple : How does the world leave me in a heart ache ?
Master : When you make that herculian effort to sustain
the worldly high, it would result in the throb of the
head and hurting of the heart !
Disciple : But I see many people living happily in
this world with the material comforts ?
Master : Thats a blatantly false happiness because you never
saw the fears lurking in the basement of their minds !
Disciple : Fears? for what ?
Master : Fear of losing the worldly comforts anytime !

When Bhoga threatens to evaporate, the Roga stages a grand entry. Roga is the failed attempt to grab that pie in the sky. When you try to find happiness in this world, these are the only two possibilities. Bhoga where you can claim to be successful and incredibly happy and can find yourself under the spot light of the world. Then the Roga, the invariable disease that can grip with both success and failure alike.

Roga is not just the dejection of not making it big on the world stage, but even if you made it somehwhere as someone small time and announced to the world about your successful arrival, still Roga can haunt you. Because with little success and fame comes the pressure to upgrade it. With the enjoyments of the world comes the desperation to sustain it. With the beautiful woman alongside comes the suspicion of infidelity. With all the money in the stock market comes the sleepless nights.

Disciple : In short Roga is the failures of man in the world ?
Master : Not just that but the amount of pain man goes through
cling on to the upper rung of the success ladder !

hen the man miss the target of his happiness in the world, he may not find himself amidst the glories but just reduced to a can of rotten cheese that smelt away to the high heavens. The same world and the people in it will appear like monsters from the nether worlds and God may appear like a mafia chief with a machine gun in hand.

Disciple : How Does one handle this ?
Master : People have many ingenious
ways to handle such Roga situations !
Disciple : Please tell me some of them.
It may be useful someday !
Master : He would
empty his wallet of
whatever little money left in it to attend some
motivational session, where he gets
pepped up to fight it out all over again.
He may bribe the God to get nice and
behave properly to him. He would resolve
to retaliate this cunning world and
invariably conk off before he could
fulfill the resolution. He would look
for those gurus who can bring unidentified objects
out of their orifices to perform some miracles in his life.
He may blame his house and wife and change them instantly
to bring some good luck.
Disciple : They all sound utterly disgusting !
Master : But thats what Roga is all about !