More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" Bhoga(indulgence) needs two
Yoga makes the two as One"

R E - U N I O N
Part - 3

The yoga is a simple state of mind, where the urges of the mind to reach somewhere is put to total rest. Because when the mind grew aware of the inner self, then mind slips into silence and total restfulness. That is the state of Yoga.

Disciple : Why it is
called as Reunion ?
Master : Because at the
beginning It was One and
somewhere it became Two.
When the split Two become
One again, then it is
a Reunion indeed !
Disciple : Can this Reunion be
compared to enlightenment ?
Master : For the record, sheer
academic interest, yes it is
the enlightenment !
Disciple : Do you hint that
there is more to the word
enlightenment than just Yoga ?
Master : Not at all, I'm saying
that the word enlightenment is
just a word. We can indicate the state
of Yoga through so many words !
Disciple : Yes I figure it well now a days !

Yoga can be compared with spiritual enlightenment, but the term enlightenment is just a description of the state, but Yoga also indicates the whole process of the famed state of enlightenment.

Disciple : You mentioned that one can
experience Yoga. Is it the experience
of Consciousness?
Master : Never. Because the Consciousness
CANNOT be experienced by anyone !
Disciple : Surprising. If so, then
enlightenment is not an experience ?
Master : It is an experience but it is not the
experience of the pure consciousness !
Disciple : Please explain what is the experience then ?
Master : Earlier the mind was burdened with unwanted ideas !
But in the process of self awareness, the loads of ideas are
unburdened, as a result the mind gets free and that free mind
is the experience in itself.
Disciple : Give me an example ?
Master : Its like carrying some heavy load
on your back which you eventually offload somewhere,
which results in a blissful rest to your back !
Disciple : I get it now !

The Yoga is an experience which should not be mistaken to be an experience as a result of absence of mind. Because without the mind, the experience is not possible. But what really happens is that the mind loses its individual identity which can cause the experience of a 'light weighted' mind.

Disciple : Does Yoga have a beginning
in the seeker's life?
Master : Yes the instance he sought
inwardly, the Yoga as a process began
in the life of the seeker !
Disciple : Is Yoga always the one way ?
Master : What does it mean?
Disciple : Is it always about going inward?
Master : Not necessarily. The Yoga is both ways.
From out to IN and from IN to out !