More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" the other name for visualizing is fantasizing "

Part - 5

The most celebrated visualizing techniques during Meditation can make you feel nothing more than a 'baby seeing candyfloss in her fantasy'. The jaw dropping fantasies need not be mistaken for Meditation. Deepest trap awaits you if you begin to give the reality tag to what you visualize.

Disciple : But I hear of people seeing the God
in their visions. How is that possible ?
Master : Which God? There is no
evidence of how God looked like !
Disciple : But we see Gods
faces in the temple ?
Master : If the same Gods
appear in your imagination,
then you would like to believe
that you are seeing the God ?
Disciple : Do you mean to say
that no one can see the God ?
Master : Yes. No one can see God.
But can only visualize some images !
Disciple : Those visuals are not God ?
Some people even speak to God ?
Master : They are only ignorant
prattles of a childish seeker !

Visualization may help you to Meditate, but itself is not Meditation. Most seekers go astray with these visuals and claim themselves to be deep Meditators. God or Consciousness cannot be viewed by eyes or in the mind, only because the God is not an object. What you see in the visuals is not God but what made you to visualize is actually God.

Disciple : Some people see colors and do they mean anything ?
Master : The various colors you see in your visuals can
possibly tell the status of your mind and that's NOT meditation !
Disciple : I understood that visualization helps to quieten
the mind and then I need to shift my focus from the
visuals to my immediate surrounding around me !
Master : Well said . But that's where the ordeal starts !
Disciple : Precisely. How to shift to the reality ?
Master : Firstly turn off all the visuals and focus on the
different sounds occurring around you !
Disciple : we have been told always that in Meditation
there should not be any sound heard and its all just empty !
Master : Such an emptiness is just one more visual
you have to construct, in reality there is no such emptiness possible !

The emptiness of the mind is created by the mind itself. Though it can prove to be an amazing experience, still it is NOT Meditation. A seeker can be easily fooled by such occurrences and can be trapped endlessly for years together imagining oneself to be evolved or even enlightened.

Disciple : Even I could experience that sometimes.
Is it not the glimpse of the Truth itself ?
Master : No it is just the artificial blackout of your mind !
Disciple : I realize visualization is just a baby step in the vast
ocean called Meditation. Whats the next step now ?
Master : Simple. Start listening all the sounds around you.
Be aware of all the movements around you !
Disciple : How does this help me ?
Master : While the visuals may take you too
far away from 'this' moment the awareness
of the sounds and movements will bring
you back to 'this' moment !