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Off The Cuff Utterances

" Meditation is the true spiritual journey "

Part - 3

Meditation can be an unpleasant task sometimes because of this ignorance of the seeker. All the techniques he employs for a peaceful meditation usually ends up in useless monotony. It can be as boring and repetitive as making the bed or doing the dishes.

Disciple : What is the problem with all the techniques?
Master : Techniques have no problem, but the problem is
with seeker who is holding on to the techniques !
Disciple : What happens if the seeker holds on to the
various Meditation techniques?
Master : He can get invariably stagnated
somewhere with those techniques !

The spiritual journey is only indicating the various stages of your mindset, passed through during your Meditation. The 'journey' may not involve the movement of your body even by an inch. Sitting in the same place, but the journey happens.

Disciple : It is fascinating to hear.
How exactly it works?
Master : It starts off as a disturbed
mind seeking peace and quietude !
Disciple : Is that the starting point of journey?
Master : Not always and not everyone starts that way !
Disciple : What are the other mindsets people
start off this journey from ?
Master : Some kick start with an attitude
of achieving God or some magical power,
some simply seeking solace to their deeply
hurt sentiments and feelings !
Disciple : Is that all ?
Master : Plenty more. Some begin at the
point of frustration while some can make
a beginning with curiosity to know the
unknown Truth. Many even start with
the peace of mind as their
destination to reach ! Even stress busting
and healing illnesses are targeted with
meditation practices now a days !

Each one has a different agenda when they sit for Meditation. They all need not necessarily have similar agenda and a similar point of destination. But most certainly everyone wishes to imagine a suitable point of destination and a certain particular method of the journey too.

Disciple : Even if they all started off at different
points the journey always ends at the same destination?
Master : Ideally speaking yes. But most of them do not know
where exactly the journey should actually end !
Disciple : Why they do not know that ?
Master : Mostly the lack of right information and also
the belief in their own imagined destinations as real !
Disciple : But everyone begin with some technique always?
Master : Yes. Otherwise, it can amount to groping !
Disciple : What are some of the most popular techniques
seekers like to adapt when they start their Meditation ?
Master : Mostly people make efforts to find the right postures
of their body for the start. The way the eyes are kept,
the way the breathing is done etc.

The preliminaries are quite important. Every seeker likes to believe that with a set of techniques in their armour, a bunch of tricks up their sleeves, with that special grace of God and the choicest blessings of the Guru, they can make it to the destination without a slog or the sweat.

Disciple : Is it wrong to think that way ?
Master : Need not be, but it can be wrong to settle
down with such ideas hoping that such ideas can deliver !
Disciple : Do you mean the grace of
God does not reach the seeker ?
Master : The grace may be is
available to the seeker
but he may not be available to the grace !
Disciple : Why it is difficult for
a seeker to identify and be available
to the divine grace of God ?
Master : Because he has no
clue what is grace of God !
Disciple : Why he has no clue ?
Master : Because he has no clue what is God !