More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" fulfillment from outside is Bhoga
and from inside is called as Yoga "

R E - U N I O N

Part - 1

You seek something not for the sake of that something, but to find fulfillment through that something. If you wish to buy a cellular phone with endless features loaded in it, its not because you want to promote that brand of the phone, but just hoping all those features in the phone can make you feel the fulfillment.

Disciple : Earlier you said, there is no
renunication possible for man in this world,
why it is so ?
Master : Because your mind alone is trying to renounce.
But you must figure by now that the mind is built
eniterly by this world only. The mind infact is
loaded with all the ideas of the world. So the mind
cannot renounce what it is made of.
Disciple : If mind belong to the world already then
why it gets busy with the Bhoga (indulgence) in the same world?
Master : That is the fallacy of the mind. Thats the greatest
ignorance of the mind. Thats the reason why mind is never satisfied
with the what it experiences in the world !

Mind is like a wall that divides you and God. But mind belonged to the world. Thats why it is called as Jiva, or Ego. Either mind is busy in Bhoga(indulgence)or apprehensive of Roga(disease). Hardly it suspects the possibilties of finding the right place where it may get fulfilled.

Disciple : Which is the right place the mind
should find the fulfillment ?
Master : Not in the world but within oneself.
It is called as Atma, or Consciousness !
Diciple : Is this also called as Bhoga ?
Master : It is a matured
form of Bhoga but called
differently as Yoga !
Disciple : Oh, I thought
Yoga means physical postures?
Master : It is wrong to call
the postures as yoga !
Disciple : Then how it
should be called as ?
Master : It should be called
as Asanas(body postures)!
Disciple : So there is no yoga
involved in the Postures?
Master : The Postures lead to Yoga
but by itself is never Yoga !

The word Yoga as the suffix or prefix that goes with any other word is only an indication that it is a Marga (path, way, instrument, means). But YOGA HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH PHYSICAL POSTURES (Asanas).

Disciple : So what is Yoga exactly ?
Master : It means a state of the two becoming One !
Disciple : Which are they ?
Master : You and the Creator(God, Consciousness, Atman, Self) !