More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" As long as man and this world exist,
indulgence will continue to exist too "

Part 2

Even if you realize one quiet morning, that this world is incapable of supplying any fulfillment in to your life, you still cannot really walk out of the Bhoga (Indulgence). There will be a great surge of urges, to abstain from all indulgence, to renounce everything, to be empty without anything, arises in every seeker during some part of his seeking. But thats just one more erroneous idea assumed by the mind.

Disciple : Does it mean there is actually
no renunciation of the world possible ?
Master : Yes, it is not possible !
Disciple : Why so ?
Master : Because you are part of the same world.
You cannot renounce yourself ! Wherever you go
you will end up in this world only !

Bhoga or indulgence in the world appears to be bad and negative, because somehow it seem to be blocking your vision of God or Truth. But in reality, the world does not block or hide the Truth. It is just the way you have been trained to see and understand. The little joys of the indulgence in this world are only the glimpses of what you are capable of experiencing ultimately, only if you can shift the focus to the right place. You will indeed bump into the 'big time bliss'in store awaiting you.

Disciple : So the Bhoga does not prevent
me from knowing the Truth ?
Master : It may even show you the way to Truth attimes !
Disciple : How is that ?
Master : When you begin to realize that Bhoga in the world
only introduces a sense of fulfillment, but cannot sustain it,
then the same world become a medium for you to
search for the fulfillment in the right place !

The Bhoga is looked at with suspicion, only because it seem to have cheated the man who believed that Bhoga will bring fulfillment. But it is not the mistake of Bhoga, but man's interpretation of Bhoga.

If you could enjoy a good night sleep in a bed, perfected to provide the most blissful sleep in a temperature controlled room, it is called Bhoga. But do not ask that experience to continue, even after you dragged yourself out of the bed and into your office room. All the joys offered in this world are terribly fleeting and can even make you feel bored after awhile.

Disciple : What about total renunciation, where
all the indulgences are absent ?
Master : After total renunciation, if you eat even a
morsel of food grains and feel good about it,
then even that is called as Bhoga only !
Disciple : Even If I drink only river water and survive ?
Master : Thats called as impoverished indulgence !

To totally believe that this world can make you find fulfillment is known as ignorance. Similarly, to totally believe, that by renouncing the worldy comforts, you can find the fulfillment is equally ignorant. They both are same, just the flipping sides of the same coin.

Disciple : So I can splurge but same time
should have an attitude of an hermit?
Master : Not so. That way you can still remain incomplete !
Disciple : So what exactly I should do ?
Master : Without altering your lifestyle with
reference to the world, with proper understanding
that this world can NEVER make you feel fulfilled,
shift your focus towards the right direction
where you may find the fulfillment !
Disciple : Which direction is that ?
Master : The direction that goes inside you