More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" the other name for visualizing is fantasizing "

Part - 5

The most celebrated visualizing techniques during Meditation can make you feel nothing more than a 'baby seeing candyfloss in her fantasy'. The jaw dropping fantasies need not be mistaken for Meditation. Deepest trap awaits you if you begin to give the reality tag to what you visualize.

Disciple : But I hear of people seeing the God
in their visions. How is that possible ?
Master : Which God? There is no
evidence of how God looked like !
Disciple : But we see Gods
faces in the temple ?
Master : If the same Gods
appear in your imagination,
then you would like to believe
that you are seeing the God ?
Disciple : Do you mean to say
that no one can see the God ?
Master : Yes. No one can see God.
But can only visualize some images !
Disciple : Those visuals are not God ?
Some people even speak to God ?
Master : They are only ignorant
prattles of a childish seeker !

Visualization may help you to Meditate, but itself is not Meditation. Most seekers go astray with these visuals and claim themselves to be deep Meditators. God or Consciousness cannot be viewed by eyes or in the mind, only because the God is not an object. What you see in the visuals is not God but what made you to visualize is actually God.

Disciple : Some people see colors and do they mean anything ?
Master : The various colors you see in your visuals can
possibly tell the status of your mind and that's NOT meditation !
Disciple : I understood that visualization helps to quieten
the mind and then I need to shift my focus from the
visuals to my immediate surrounding around me !
Master : Well said . But that's where the ordeal starts !
Disciple : Precisely. How to shift to the reality ?
Master : Firstly turn off all the visuals and focus on the
different sounds occurring around you !
Disciple : we have been told always that in Meditation
there should not be any sound heard and its all just empty !
Master : Such an emptiness is just one more visual
you have to construct, in reality there is no such emptiness possible !

The emptiness of the mind is created by the mind itself. Though it can prove to be an amazing experience, still it is NOT Meditation. A seeker can be easily fooled by such occurrences and can be trapped endlessly for years together imagining oneself to be evolved or even enlightened.

Disciple : Even I could experience that sometimes.
Is it not the glimpse of the Truth itself ?
Master : No it is just the artificial blackout of your mind !
Disciple : I realize visualization is just a baby step in the vast
ocean called Meditation. Whats the next step now ?
Master : Simple. Start listening all the sounds around you.
Be aware of all the movements around you !
Disciple : How does this help me ?
Master : While the visuals may take you too
far away from 'this' moment the awareness
of the sounds and movements will bring
you back to 'this' moment !
" you go nowhere and gain nothing in meditation"

Part -4

Meditation does not transport you to a whole new world, high in the heavens, and if it already did, then it is the power of your imagination that's working. Meditation has no such power to take you places, it can only tell you clearly, where you are at the time of your Meditation. It brings an awareness about the most latest condition of your mind. If you sit for Meditation in order to go on a virtual tour of the fanciful 'God's kingdom', then you should know that you are busy these days, simply fooling yourself.

Disciple : You mean to say that visualization
during Meditation is not proper?
Master : Its ok to visualize but
its NOT ok to think its real !
Disciple : Whats the problem in believing it as real ?
Master : It would be nothing short of the
fool's paradise, if you believed your own imagination !
Disciple : There is no use for the
visualization technique at all then ?
Master : There is plenty. But you should know that they
don't serve you well on the longer and winding journey
called as Meditation !
Disciple : How much does it help ?
Master : It helps only to divert your disturbed mind
away from disturbances. Like turning on the TV can help
you forget your problems for sometime !
Disciple : So it is nothing more than watching TV ?
Master : Precisely ! With all the channels running inside
your head, the visualization technique is nothing more than
just watching a favorite channel on TV !
Disciple : Perhaps the TV can ease the mind a bit ?
Master : Yes it can ease, please and tease
Still what you see is only TV and not the reality !

The visualization technique is indeed a helpful device, but not the ultimate help. Finding comfort on the seat of meditation with pleasing visuals of Himalayas and all the Gods, complete with sound of ringing bells, the aromatic incense sticks, with the reverberating chants of the holy mantras in the backdrop can take you 'almost' there to world of the Gods, but the world of Gods do not match anything even weebit closer to your imaginations.

Disciple : Why the world of Gods
does not match my imagination ?
Master : Because it does not
exist separate from you !
Disciple : What does it mean ?
Master : You are already in
the creation of God and God
does not have another separate
outhouse elsewhere in the heavens !
Disciple : So what exactly I should do now ?
Master : When you sit for Meditation, you are free
to imagine as wild or divine as you can, but do so with
total awareness of the fact that it is false and illusory !
Disciple : But if I dismiss it as false then what else do i do ?
Master : You should then shift from the false world of imaginations to
the reality in and around you !

The shift from the visualized world to the real is the major breakthrough in your Meditation. To visualize a quiet and serene landscape helps to settle the mind of all its hot and burning issues. The visuals in your mind during Meditation are like eating watermelons in the tropical heat. But once the mind has cooled down from the burning issues, then its time to shift to the reality that exists around you.

Disciple : Does it mean I should bring
my focus back to the burning issues of my life?
Master : Not at all. But to the immediate surroundings !
Disciple : But that is to listen to my hand phone screaming ?
Master : Yes, let it scream !
Disciple : But that can be disturbing me,
especially during the Meditation ?
Master : It will not disturb you, when you dropped the
idea that it can disturb you !
Disciple : You mean the sounds in the immediate
surroundings don't disturb ?
Master : Never they can disturb you !
Disciple : But why they appear like
disturbances during Meditation ?
Master : Because they disturb
your imaginary world of gods in
your visualizations, so you
think it disturbs you too !
Disciple : True, Gods don't use hand phones,
so it would be odd to hear such a sound there !
Master : The phone ring can shatter all your
ideas and imaginations and uproot them. Since you created the
world of Gods in your head, you get angry when it gets disturbed !
" Meditation is the true spiritual journey "

Part - 3

Meditation can be an unpleasant task sometimes because of this ignorance of the seeker. All the techniques he employs for a peaceful meditation usually ends up in useless monotony. It can be as boring and repetitive as making the bed or doing the dishes.

Disciple : What is the problem with all the techniques?
Master : Techniques have no problem, but the problem is
with seeker who is holding on to the techniques !
Disciple : What happens if the seeker holds on to the
various Meditation techniques?
Master : He can get invariably stagnated
somewhere with those techniques !

The spiritual journey is only indicating the various stages of your mindset, passed through during your Meditation. The 'journey' may not involve the movement of your body even by an inch. Sitting in the same place, but the journey happens.

Disciple : It is fascinating to hear.
How exactly it works?
Master : It starts off as a disturbed
mind seeking peace and quietude !
Disciple : Is that the starting point of journey?
Master : Not always and not everyone starts that way !
Disciple : What are the other mindsets people
start off this journey from ?
Master : Some kick start with an attitude
of achieving God or some magical power,
some simply seeking solace to their deeply
hurt sentiments and feelings !
Disciple : Is that all ?
Master : Plenty more. Some begin at the
point of frustration while some can make
a beginning with curiosity to know the
unknown Truth. Many even start with
the peace of mind as their
destination to reach ! Even stress busting
and healing illnesses are targeted with
meditation practices now a days !

Each one has a different agenda when they sit for Meditation. They all need not necessarily have similar agenda and a similar point of destination. But most certainly everyone wishes to imagine a suitable point of destination and a certain particular method of the journey too.

Disciple : Even if they all started off at different
points the journey always ends at the same destination?
Master : Ideally speaking yes. But most of them do not know
where exactly the journey should actually end !
Disciple : Why they do not know that ?
Master : Mostly the lack of right information and also
the belief in their own imagined destinations as real !
Disciple : But everyone begin with some technique always?
Master : Yes. Otherwise, it can amount to groping !
Disciple : What are some of the most popular techniques
seekers like to adapt when they start their Meditation ?
Master : Mostly people make efforts to find the right postures
of their body for the start. The way the eyes are kept,
the way the breathing is done etc.

The preliminaries are quite important. Every seeker likes to believe that with a set of techniques in their armour, a bunch of tricks up their sleeves, with that special grace of God and the choicest blessings of the Guru, they can make it to the destination without a slog or the sweat.

Disciple : Is it wrong to think that way ?
Master : Need not be, but it can be wrong to settle
down with such ideas hoping that such ideas can deliver !
Disciple : Do you mean the grace of
God does not reach the seeker ?
Master : The grace may be is
available to the seeker
but he may not be available to the grace !
Disciple : Why it is difficult for
a seeker to identify and be available
to the divine grace of God ?
Master : Because he has no
clue what is grace of God !
Disciple : Why he has no clue ?
Master : Because he has no clue what is God !
" you neither see it nor taste it but only can realize it"

Part - 2

Most important thing that may spring up as a result of a properly understood and done Meditation is realization of the unknown Self, hidden somewhere away from the naked eyes. But that hardly happens in the initial attempts at Meditation.

Disciple : Why is it the realization of the
unknown Self does not happen
at the first attempt itself ?
Master : Mostly its due to the lack of
proper knowledge about Meditation !
Disciple : If proper knowledge is present
then it may happen at the first attempt itself ?
Master : Need not be. Despite the knowledge,
the realization can delay a bit due to the old
habits of the mind coming in the way !

You call an experience as real, only when it is experienced by the mind through any one of the five senses. The direct experience of the objects experienced by the mind through senses are known as good and bad experiences. But Meditation is meant to 'experience' something dramatically different.

Disciple : So what exactly is old habit
here, which prevent me from experiencing
Truth in the first attempt itself ?
Master : The old habit is obvious that you
think the senses can see or touch or smell
the Truth (Consciousness, Inner Self, Atman) !
Disciple : So if sensory perception is absent,
then how can the experience of the
Consciousness is possible ?
Master : Such a thought that Truth or God
must be 'experienced' is the greatest obstacle
while making attempts at Meditation !
Disciple : I am surprised to
hear that God or Consciousness
cannot be experienced by me !
Master : True. You can neither see
it nor touch it, nor experience it !
Disciple : Then how do I deal with it ?
Master : By realizing it !

Realization is a unique feature of the mind. Usually realization does not happen with your eyes or ears but somewhere else incognito, in your mind, in the form of realization.

Disciple : Its amazing to hear about this
realization, what exactly it is ?
Master : Realization is growing in awareness !
Disciple : Are they both same ?
Master : Not at all. It starts off with awareness
and eventually end in the grand state of realization !
Disciple : Is it some kind of a process ?
Master : Yes. It is called as Meditation !

What begins with trickling drops of awareness(glimpses of truth), now and then, gathers momentum and ends the process as Self- Realization. Its a journey like. But not geographical but simply psychological.

Disciple : What is the old habit here ?
Master : the seeker mistakes this psychological
journey as physical journey and makes it a point
to travel to all the holy places !
Disciple : Is it wrong to make a
physical journey to holy places ?
Master : Not so, but to mistake physical journey
as journey to the destination of 'God' !
Disciple : I can see the fallacy in that !
Master : This habit of 'seeing' God by eyes
inside the temple continues even during meditation !
Disciple : How does that happen ?
Master : The Meditator starts imagining and visualizing
different Gods and images and thinks that is Meditation !

The land of truth is not cognitive or even tangible. So man created places of worship with special symbols and characteristics to give himself some sample of how the 'divinity' is looked like. The ringing of the bells, incense sticks, the beautiful idol, the incantations and recitations of various mantras(sacred sounds) can create a land of virtual Truth by convincing your senses. But when the same is imagined during the Meditation, then it can be the obnoxious old habit, which can prevent you moving further on your psychological journey, to the apparent 'destination' within you.
" you can eat in time and perhaps sleep
in time but cannot meditate in time "

Part - 1

Meditation is probably the most mysterious process than most other things while making spiritual attempts by any individual. It is only because meditation is the link between the known and unknown. So it appears 'oh so easy' at times and then suddenly it becomes a 'oh such a pain'. In fact that's why anything said about meditation can be right and wrong simultaneously.

Disciple : Why this meditation is
such a fussy affair?
Master : Because you want it to
happen in a particular manner !
Disciple : Is not there a defined
method of meditation ?
Master : Never. There can never be
a definite method of meditation !
Disciple : Why so ?
Master : Because what you try to achieve
through meditation is not definite itself !

The real purpose of Meditation always is to know the unknown. But as is the norm for most subtler things, Meditation too can serve up more than a singular subtle purpose, such as 'peace of mind' or 'focus of the mind' etc. Only when you need to focus on something known, then there can be a definite methodology or a technique possible.

Disciple : But I want to know what
do you mean by the 'known' ?
Master : All that which are knowable
by your senses can be called as 'known' !
Disciple : OK, I think I figure this
but please give me an example ?
Master : A sunrise or a rain fall or perhaps
the moonlit midnight can be called as 'known' !
Disciple : Why they are called as 'known' ?
Master : Because you can see them by your eyes
and can tell what they are !

Besides the eyes, all that you can hear, smell, taste and touch also can be called as 'known'. When something can be comprehended by your senses then it has become already 'known'.

Disciple : How do they become known to me ?
Master : Suppose if you close your eyes and hear
a sound of a moving automobile, most likely you
can tell which type of automobile it is.
That's why they are called as 'known'
Disciple : Suppose if I still cant
tell the type of sound I heard ?
Master : Then you will open your eyes and
check with someone and soon will come
to 'know' which type it was !

This world is either 'known' to you or still to be known to you. If you have not known it, you can always refer to the people who 'knew' it or you can come to 'know' it in the dictionary or the encyclopedia or through some search engine on the Internet without wasting much time.

Disciple : In short, whenever the term
'known' is mentioned, I should understand
that it indicates the world ?
Master : Precisely !
Disciple : Do you say that Meditation is not meant
for knowing the knowable ?
Master : Not really. But you can follow a technique
only for knowing the knowable things in the world !
Disciple : So then what is 'unknown' ?
Master : That which your senses can
never understand or comprehend is 'Unknown' !
Disciple : Is there a example possible ?
Master : No example possible. Because
there is nothing else exists like it,
to give as an example !
It is the ONLY thing without another !
" Yoga works both ways,
seeking within and reaching out"

R E - U N I O N
Part - 3

Yoga is not a culmination point where your life would come to a sudden, unannounced end. It is not always the mind seek the inner self and reunite. That would be just one way. But upon reuniting with the inner self, the mind could free itself of the ideas, it has been bound with till the moment.

Disciple : That's some good news actually !
Master : Rightly so ! Because anything one way
can be staggeringly longer and tiresome !
Disciple : But kindly explain how does it work both ways ?
Master : Firstly it is the search by the matter to unite
with the spirit, then the spirit reach out to matter !
Disciple : I'm dazzled just now. What does it mean ?
Master : Nothing much. It means that Yoga does not happen
only when you sit quietly and reunite with your inner self.
It also happens when the mind has lost all its individual
identity and allow the expression of the inner self fluently !

The man who is established in Yoga is called as Yoga Nishta (he who is established in Yoga). Yogi cannot be misunderstood to be a Yoga instructor, who make you pay for bending your own body in some fashionable studio. But something very far from it.

The Yogi's life can be divided in two phases.
1. Seeking the source within, using the mind, breath and body.
2. Reaching to the world, using the same body , breath and mind.

Disciple : Reaching to the world here means,
doing selfless service to humanity ?
Master : Need not be. It is just
about anything he does
comes from his inner being than
just from his body and mind !
Disciple : How does that happen ?
Master : Nothing so great, but being
simply aware of his expressions !
Disciple : Doing everything in the world
with total self awareness ?
Master : It could not have been described
any better than the way you did !

While seeking worldly comforts(Bhoga) may end in a insipid life, the seeking of the inner self(Yoga) results in contrast. The insipid life comes alive all of a sudden. The yogi can delight in small things as his inner self now expresses without an obstruction in between. Because the mind which is in between the Consciousness (Atman, Inner Self, Godlikeness)and the world, does not impose its own limited propensities anymore.

Disciple : I think I understood but I need
some examples to understand still better !
Master : OK. If a Bhogi and Yogi set out to
eat in a restaurant and when they reach the restaurant
they realize its closed for some reason. Then the Bhogi
will be greatly disappointed while the Yogi gets inspired.
Disciple : How does that inspiration help ?
Master : It helps to look for the next best restaurant
without giving up the idea of eating outside !
Disciple : Even a Bhogi will look for another restaurant?
Master : Yes, in fact all the more seriously, but he
would do so with frustration and not with inspiration !
Disciple : But upon finding the next
restaurant the Bhogi's frustration may end ?
Master : True, but the Yogi's insipration may never die
even if had to return home without finding a restaurant !

In other words, the Bhogi had a restricted idea of eating only in that restaurant at any cost. But the Yogi was not restricted by any such idea and was ready to face the unprecedence in life and accept. He would not lose his appetite or the eagerness as he looked for the next restaurant. The Bhogi wants life to take shape the ways he imagined. The Yogi simply is aware of the way the life is taking shape all around him.

" Bhoga(indulgence) needs two
Yoga makes the two as One"

R E - U N I O N
Part - 3

The yoga is a simple state of mind, where the urges of the mind to reach somewhere is put to total rest. Because when the mind grew aware of the inner self, then mind slips into silence and total restfulness. That is the state of Yoga.

Disciple : Why it is
called as Reunion ?
Master : Because at the
beginning It was One and
somewhere it became Two.
When the split Two become
One again, then it is
a Reunion indeed !
Disciple : Can this Reunion be
compared to enlightenment ?
Master : For the record, sheer
academic interest, yes it is
the enlightenment !
Disciple : Do you hint that
there is more to the word
enlightenment than just Yoga ?
Master : Not at all, I'm saying
that the word enlightenment is
just a word. We can indicate the state
of Yoga through so many words !
Disciple : Yes I figure it well now a days !

Yoga can be compared with spiritual enlightenment, but the term enlightenment is just a description of the state, but Yoga also indicates the whole process of the famed state of enlightenment.

Disciple : You mentioned that one can
experience Yoga. Is it the experience
of Consciousness?
Master : Never. Because the Consciousness
CANNOT be experienced by anyone !
Disciple : Surprising. If so, then
enlightenment is not an experience ?
Master : It is an experience but it is not the
experience of the pure consciousness !
Disciple : Please explain what is the experience then ?
Master : Earlier the mind was burdened with unwanted ideas !
But in the process of self awareness, the loads of ideas are
unburdened, as a result the mind gets free and that free mind
is the experience in itself.
Disciple : Give me an example ?
Master : Its like carrying some heavy load
on your back which you eventually offload somewhere,
which results in a blissful rest to your back !
Disciple : I get it now !

The Yoga is an experience which should not be mistaken to be an experience as a result of absence of mind. Because without the mind, the experience is not possible. But what really happens is that the mind loses its individual identity which can cause the experience of a 'light weighted' mind.

Disciple : Does Yoga have a beginning
in the seeker's life?
Master : Yes the instance he sought
inwardly, the Yoga as a process began
in the life of the seeker !
Disciple : Is Yoga always the one way ?
Master : What does it mean?
Disciple : Is it always about going inward?
Master : Not necessarily. The Yoga is both ways.
From out to IN and from IN to out !

" Yoga is not a path but destination "

PART - 2

Yoga is the most simplfied term in use today. Its flippant usage can also derail its original purport and meaning. The most prominent usage of Yoga is physical postures. But it should be called as Asanas(postures) which is meant to discipline the body and make it sittable for longer periods of time.

Disciple : Why it should sit for long time ?
Master : not only sit for longer but infact
sit without much movement !
Disciple : Ah, I know now. It is meant for meditation ?
Master : Well said. It is also used for longer
and intense contemplations!
Disciple : Is the body postures
necessary in self awareness?
Master : Truly so. In the initial days
when body plays a vital role in turning
your attention inwards, the
Yoga Asanas are important !

If you observe carefully the word Yoga, it may cling on to many other words like Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Sanyasa Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Jnana Yoga etc. There are still many more terminologies with the suffix yoga goes in the Hindu scriptures.

Disciple : Yes I have seen and wondered
if they all deal with exercises !
Master : They are all the various
methodologies that may lead the seeker
to experience Yoga, which is the spiritual
goal !
Disciple : Why then the word Yoga is attached
to so many other words ?
Master : Just to indicate that using a particular
path, one can reach the state of Yoga !
Disciple : So if I want to acheive the highest
spiritual state through meditation then
I can call it as a meditation yoga ?
Master : Exactly. As 'Dhyana(meditation)
Yoga' !

While Bhoga is union with the 'created world', the Yoga is union with the 'Creator' or God. But the purpose is the same. To find fulfillment. The mind of a person, when look around for fulfillment in the world, he is a Bhogi and when turned within, he is a Yogi.

Disciple : Why does the mind search outside
in the first place? Why it does not start
to search within from the beginning ?
Master : Just trying out the easier way.
The mind is trained to search that way !
Disciple : Who trained it ?
Master : It gets trained by itself !

Man drifted far in to created world through his senses and thereby left his home ground out of ignorance. The mechanism of the mind is built to get lost in the world and thats what happens precisely.

Disciple : So there is never anyone who is
focussed only within and never
was attracted to the world from birth ?
Master : Thats impossible. Everyone has
to deal with the created world !
Disciple : So everyone is a Bhogi ?
Master : Yes. If you drank water from
the tap then you are a Bhogi !
Disciple : So everyone is a Yogi too ?
Master : Not necessarily. Many are trying.
Some imagine themselves to be Yogis,
Few are indeed Yogis !
Disciple : Everyone gets a chance to be a yogi ?
Master : Nobody to give a chance for this.
Its a open choice !
" fulfillment from outside is Bhoga
and from inside is called as Yoga "

R E - U N I O N

Part - 1

You seek something not for the sake of that something, but to find fulfillment through that something. If you wish to buy a cellular phone with endless features loaded in it, its not because you want to promote that brand of the phone, but just hoping all those features in the phone can make you feel the fulfillment.

Disciple : Earlier you said, there is no
renunication possible for man in this world,
why it is so ?
Master : Because your mind alone is trying to renounce.
But you must figure by now that the mind is built
eniterly by this world only. The mind infact is
loaded with all the ideas of the world. So the mind
cannot renounce what it is made of.
Disciple : If mind belong to the world already then
why it gets busy with the Bhoga (indulgence) in the same world?
Master : That is the fallacy of the mind. Thats the greatest
ignorance of the mind. Thats the reason why mind is never satisfied
with the what it experiences in the world !

Mind is like a wall that divides you and God. But mind belonged to the world. Thats why it is called as Jiva, or Ego. Either mind is busy in Bhoga(indulgence)or apprehensive of Roga(disease). Hardly it suspects the possibilties of finding the right place where it may get fulfilled.

Disciple : Which is the right place the mind
should find the fulfillment ?
Master : Not in the world but within oneself.
It is called as Atma, or Consciousness !
Diciple : Is this also called as Bhoga ?
Master : It is a matured
form of Bhoga but called
differently as Yoga !
Disciple : Oh, I thought
Yoga means physical postures?
Master : It is wrong to call
the postures as yoga !
Disciple : Then how it
should be called as ?
Master : It should be called
as Asanas(body postures)!
Disciple : So there is no yoga
involved in the Postures?
Master : The Postures lead to Yoga
but by itself is never Yoga !

The word Yoga as the suffix or prefix that goes with any other word is only an indication that it is a Marga (path, way, instrument, means). But YOGA HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH PHYSICAL POSTURES (Asanas).

Disciple : So what is Yoga exactly ?
Master : It means a state of the two becoming One !
Disciple : Which are they ?
Master : You and the Creator(God, Consciousness, Atman, Self) !

" When Bhoga (indulgence) misfires,
it can result in Roga (disease) "

Part - 3

The world that surround you every moment and around every bit of you can actually display moments of fulfillment everyday. But for moments only and nothing more. Besides, the world can leave you high and dry. After the high, it can leave you with the hangups and a heart ache too.

Disciple : How does the world leave me in a heart ache ?
Master : When you make that herculian effort to sustain
the worldly high, it would result in the throb of the
head and hurting of the heart !
Disciple : But I see many people living happily in
this world with the material comforts ?
Master : Thats a blatantly false happiness because you never
saw the fears lurking in the basement of their minds !
Disciple : Fears? for what ?
Master : Fear of losing the worldly comforts anytime !

When Bhoga threatens to evaporate, the Roga stages a grand entry. Roga is the failed attempt to grab that pie in the sky. When you try to find happiness in this world, these are the only two possibilities. Bhoga where you can claim to be successful and incredibly happy and can find yourself under the spot light of the world. Then the Roga, the invariable disease that can grip with both success and failure alike.

Roga is not just the dejection of not making it big on the world stage, but even if you made it somehwhere as someone small time and announced to the world about your successful arrival, still Roga can haunt you. Because with little success and fame comes the pressure to upgrade it. With the enjoyments of the world comes the desperation to sustain it. With the beautiful woman alongside comes the suspicion of infidelity. With all the money in the stock market comes the sleepless nights.

Disciple : In short Roga is the failures of man in the world ?
Master : Not just that but the amount of pain man goes through
cling on to the upper rung of the success ladder !

hen the man miss the target of his happiness in the world, he may not find himself amidst the glories but just reduced to a can of rotten cheese that smelt away to the high heavens. The same world and the people in it will appear like monsters from the nether worlds and God may appear like a mafia chief with a machine gun in hand.

Disciple : How Does one handle this ?
Master : People have many ingenious
ways to handle such Roga situations !
Disciple : Please tell me some of them.
It may be useful someday !
Master : He would
empty his wallet of
whatever little money left in it to attend some
motivational session, where he gets
pepped up to fight it out all over again.
He may bribe the God to get nice and
behave properly to him. He would resolve
to retaliate this cunning world and
invariably conk off before he could
fulfill the resolution. He would look
for those gurus who can bring unidentified objects
out of their orifices to perform some miracles in his life.
He may blame his house and wife and change them instantly
to bring some good luck.
Disciple : They all sound utterly disgusting !
Master : But thats what Roga is all about !

" As long as man and this world exist,
indulgence will continue to exist too "

Part 2

Even if you realize one quiet morning, that this world is incapable of supplying any fulfillment in to your life, you still cannot really walk out of the Bhoga (Indulgence). There will be a great surge of urges, to abstain from all indulgence, to renounce everything, to be empty without anything, arises in every seeker during some part of his seeking. But thats just one more erroneous idea assumed by the mind.

Disciple : Does it mean there is actually
no renunciation of the world possible ?
Master : Yes, it is not possible !
Disciple : Why so ?
Master : Because you are part of the same world.
You cannot renounce yourself ! Wherever you go
you will end up in this world only !

Bhoga or indulgence in the world appears to be bad and negative, because somehow it seem to be blocking your vision of God or Truth. But in reality, the world does not block or hide the Truth. It is just the way you have been trained to see and understand. The little joys of the indulgence in this world are only the glimpses of what you are capable of experiencing ultimately, only if you can shift the focus to the right place. You will indeed bump into the 'big time bliss'in store awaiting you.

Disciple : So the Bhoga does not prevent
me from knowing the Truth ?
Master : It may even show you the way to Truth attimes !
Disciple : How is that ?
Master : When you begin to realize that Bhoga in the world
only introduces a sense of fulfillment, but cannot sustain it,
then the same world become a medium for you to
search for the fulfillment in the right place !

The Bhoga is looked at with suspicion, only because it seem to have cheated the man who believed that Bhoga will bring fulfillment. But it is not the mistake of Bhoga, but man's interpretation of Bhoga.

If you could enjoy a good night sleep in a bed, perfected to provide the most blissful sleep in a temperature controlled room, it is called Bhoga. But do not ask that experience to continue, even after you dragged yourself out of the bed and into your office room. All the joys offered in this world are terribly fleeting and can even make you feel bored after awhile.

Disciple : What about total renunciation, where
all the indulgences are absent ?
Master : After total renunciation, if you eat even a
morsel of food grains and feel good about it,
then even that is called as Bhoga only !
Disciple : Even If I drink only river water and survive ?
Master : Thats called as impoverished indulgence !

To totally believe that this world can make you find fulfillment is known as ignorance. Similarly, to totally believe, that by renouncing the worldy comforts, you can find the fulfillment is equally ignorant. They both are same, just the flipping sides of the same coin.

Disciple : So I can splurge but same time
should have an attitude of an hermit?
Master : Not so. That way you can still remain incomplete !
Disciple : So what exactly I should do ?
Master : Without altering your lifestyle with
reference to the world, with proper understanding
that this world can NEVER make you feel fulfilled,
shift your focus towards the right direction
where you may find the fulfillment !
Disciple : Which direction is that ?
Master : The direction that goes inside you

" when you find what you search
in this world, its called as Bhoga "

Part 1

This life is one endless search in itself. Every moment there is a need to search for something and as always, when you search for something, it is necessary to find what you search too. When you dont get what you search, that may result in sorrow. The sorrow of not having found what you looking for manufactures this unique state of being 'bound'.

But when you look for something in this world and if you manage to lay your hands on it, then it appears to create a sense of 'freedom' in you. This pseudo state of freedom, you seem to delight in making something your own is called as Bhoga !

Disciple : Is it wrong to look for something in this world ?
Master : Not at all. This world is like a huge supermall,
Everyone has to do a bit of the shopping, if you did not
know how to shop in this mall to meet your needs,
then you would still remain incomplete !
Disciple : Im quite good at shopping !
Infact I can shop till I drop !
Master : Then you are called as the Bhogi !
Disciple : Whats does that mean ?
Master : The one who indulges in this world !

This world around us is usually reduced (by us) to just a endless shopping emporium, where we waste no time in 'ogling and gobbling' just about everything. Name it, food, friends, sex, relationships, lifestyles, automobiles, success, respect, power, money and status and lots and lots more.

Disciple : Why this urge to indulge happens ?
Master : The urge is not really about enjoying
this world, but to find some sense of fulfillment within !
Disciple : Can this world give that fulfillment ?
Master : Yes, but such an fulfillment is no more
real than the fire in a firefly !

Bhoga or indulgence by the mind is primarily to find happiness or bliss or the untold hundred other experiences. This constant seeking to gratify is inherently present in the genes of human being. Food that gratify through the tongue, visuals that satisfy through the eyes, sounds that appease through the ears, aromas that tickle through the nose, sensations that quench the body thirst, the momentary fulfillment is found plenty all around.

Disciple : The sensual enjoyments are
called as indulgence ?
Master : Even emotional, psychological,
intellectual ingulgences are possible !
Disciple : Can they be called as indulgence too ?
Master : If you enjoyed a quiet evening
with your friend recollecting profound
memories, even that is just indulgence only !

A soothing music, steaming food, noisy TV, cozy bed, easy chair, pleasing sights, teasing colors, speeding car, thrilling adventures, loving family, paying job, all of them are just sheer indulgence only. Every moment there is an urge to enjoy whatever comes within the purview.

Disciple ; Is this form of
enjoyment is incorrect spiritually ?
Master : It is rather incomplete.
Indulgence and enjoyment of the world
does not make you feel complete
at any point of time !
Disciple : So should I give up
the enjoyments of this world ?
Master : Instead, If you can do that shopping
without dropping and understand well
that this world and its people are
incapable of giving you any fulfillment,
that very jiffy, you begin to transcend Bhoga !
Disciple : what should I do now ?
Master : Go for the shopping, but
dont wait till the dropping !
Disciple : What does it mean ?
Master : It means that time has come to
search for fulfillment elsewhere !