More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" when you are at your natural best
then you are on the path of Dharma "

Part 3

The problem in reducing Dharma to a book of do's and dont's is that everyone wish to carry their own version of 'Dharma book' and can insist that version alone is true Dharma. This is the result of diluting the significance of Dharma to suit one's immediate convenience.

Disciple : Krishna in Bhagavad Gita told to "Give up
all the dharmas and surrender to me ". Why he said like that ?
Master : He only said to give up the false
popular Dharmas concocted to fit one's personla life !
Disciple : Why such Dharmas should be surrendered ?
Master : Because Dharmas you follow, which would

make you feel proud or arrogant and lethargy does
not help you progress on spiritual path !

The fact that popular Dharma can change its flavor from person to person, makes it very relative and volatile. A twenty year old boy and girl showed affection in public can be perfectly Dharmic to themselves, but need not be so for the onlooker who is about sixty years old and belonged to the old school.

Disciple : But it still baffles me, such an
important word does not have a proper meaning ?
Master : It baffles you because the proper meaning
does not seem to match your personal definition of Dharma !
Disciple : True. but what is the proper meaning ?
Master : 'Natural expression' is called as Dharma !

To be spontaneous is the Dharma way of living. To be in natural tune with yourself is to have the awareness fully in you. The more you are natural the more you are aware. Bringing you back to your normal living is Dharma.

Disciple : Things are getting cleared
about Dharma to me now !
Master : Good news. But no hurry,
take your own time !
Disciple : So Dharma does not mean
anything else but Being natural ?
Master : Thats the primary meaning but
now Dharma is being introduced in every
sphere of life. So we should understand
that Dharma is structured from the
grosser to the subtler and vice versa !

The primary meaning remains uncorrupt with its essentials intact. But as the 'wheel of Dharma' goes for a spin to the grosser levels, the meaning can apparently distort and become inexplicable. The grossification of the word Dharma is inevitable as it is understood by the seeker with his limited mind initially.

Disciple : So Dharma has two types of meanings ?
Master : Yes. The 'popular' and the other 'spiritual' !
Disciple : What does the popular dharma represent ?
Master : Individual conduct in tune with his principles in life !
Disciple : Whats the spiritual meaning of it ?
Master : Doing what comes naturally to you !
Disciple : What could be that ?
Master : Being aware of the Self !