More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" there is no court of law or moral policing when
it comes to protecting the spiritual Dharma "

Part 5

The worldly Dharmas are usually monitored and protected by the man made laws. But when it comes to spiritual Dharma, there is neither monitoring nor protecting. Infact even if someone does not follow the spiritual Dharma, it may not amount to a major crime. But in the world, when Dharma is not followed, there can be hue and cry

Disciple : Once again, please explain
what is spiritual (adyatma) Dharma ?
Master : To know and to be aware and
establish in the inner Self is the
adyatma Dharma or spiritual Dharma !
Disciple : What is the worldly Dharma ?
Master : It is never singular, they are many !
Disciple : What are they ?
Master : In a day, you have to follow the duties
of a son, husband, father, boss, etc !
Disciple : Even they are called as Dharma ?
Master : Dharma is applied even when you have
to stand in a crowded line to buy your movie ticket !

People who are bent upon fulfilling the wordly Dharmas usually display similar attitude when they aspire for spiritual enlightenment. But the same worldly Dharmas can obstruct the process of self awareness beyond certain limit.

Disciple : Give me an example of a worldly Dharma
which possibly can obstruct the spiritual growth?
Master : Planning and execution is an impeccable
worldly Dharma, whether its groceries or building
a home or even marriage and family etc !
Disciple : How does this Dharma affect spiritually ?
Master : When he tries to apply similar planning and
execution in meditation and self awareness, it
somehow will fail him !
Disciple : Do you mean that planning
does not work in meditation ?
Master : Exactly ! Whole of
spiritual process is like that.
Most things happen on the spiritual
path are never in the plan.

Dharmas of the world are much limited in their scope and permenance. A murderer can justify his act of killing as his dharma at that moment and get away from punishment, while someone else can be awarded with death sentence for the similar crime. We have managed to use and abuse Dharma in this world somewhat unabashedly!

Disciple : Why the worldly Dharmas can fail ?
Master : Because they were designed by the limited mind !
Disciple : The worldly Dharmas are designed with logic ?
Master : Anything works on the basis of logic can fail
and fall apart at some point of time, so are the worldly Dharmas !
Disciple : The same logic cannot be applied in the spiritual Dharma ?
Master : The Truth is beyond logic. So the logic does not work 'in' there !