More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" spiritual growth, spiritual journey, spiritual destination,
spiritual enlightenment is all just maya at play "

Part - 7

Maya weaves a world that is far superior in appearance to what is actually created as this world by the Consciousness. While every living thing in this creation can get only food and sleep and perhaps the shelter, only mankind can get many extra things which the rest of them cannot. Mankind can get noble, good, sweet, honest, humble, egoless, can get spiritual, can get enlightement etc, which nothing else in creation ever can get.

Disciple : You mean to say only man
is eligible to get spiritual?
Master : Im saying only man makes
much ado about nothing !
Disciple : What does that mean ?
Master : It means man is making
unwanted fuss meaniglessly !

Man thinks that if he had become spiritual, then he is freed from maya. But hardly he knows that even the idea of spirituality and getting spiritual stem from maya only ! He glorifes himself as a seeker and carry that special identity and flaunt everywhere he goes. He even sympathizes with the so called 'unspiritual' humans.

Disciple : Is it wrong to be spiritual ?
Master : Never, but it is wrong to think that
your idea about spirituality is real !
Disciple : Is there a way to get out of this trap ?
Master : Yes indeed !
Disciple : Please enlighten me with it ?
Master : It is to know that your understanding of
enlightenment is just an idea and you should agree
that you have 'no idea' about spirituality or enlightement !
Disciple : Then how does one progress in the path ?
Master : There you are. One more idea called progress !
Disciple : You mean there is no progress on the path ?
Master : You neither can progress nor can regress !
Disciple : Oops, then how come everyone believes in such a thing ?
Master : Let us thank maya for that !

The progress on your spiritual path is just imagined by you. If someone smiled or said hello to you voluntarily, then you wish to believe that you are growing up spiritually. If nothing happens the way you wanted for a week long time, then you start to suspect that you are falling on the path of spirituality.

Disciple : So how and from where does this idea
of rising and falling come ?
Master : The mind see the world objectively.
It also see the creator or the Truth(Atman, God)
objectively out of habit. Then due to this illusory
thinking you also start to calculate the distance
between you and god is called as path and with
some specialized guidance you believe that you
can reach the god who is sitting away from you
like some distant star on the night sky.
Disciple : So where does the rising and falling happen ?
Master : This is where you start to imagine about
rising (whenever you are happy) and falling
too (whnever you are not so happy) .
Disciple : Yes it is true that I always see spirituality
to be synonymous with success and happiness !
Master : Whoever thought that way will certainly experience
the rising and falling all the time on the spiritual path !

Disciple : So what to do with the failure and success ?
Master : Accept the failures and success equally as same !
Disciple : Then what happens ?
Master : Then the real miracle happens !
Disciple : What is that ?
Master : You will go beyond both success and failure
and happiness and sorrow !
Disciple : What does that mean exactly ?
Master : It means that you would stop considering spirituality
as a path to success and happiness only !
Disciple : What happens as a result of this new found wisdom ?
Master : Maya will ease her grip over you.
Thats the beginning of freedom in your life, Get ready !