More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" presence or absence of maya does not
decide your freedom, but the awareness
of maya, whether it is present or absent will "

Part - 9

Maya need not be done away with, because you cannot do away with it. The life we believe to be real and the values we have for life as real need to continue, in order to sustain life and expression, despite they all contain the maya effect. The entire evolutionary process of life on earth is based on the maya effect. Its as fragile as the Eco system that governs the life on earth. A unseen fabric of life which thrive when taken seriously, but can also draw its dagger and engage you in a brawl, in case you thought you will kill the maya because its bad, like all those good men did in Hollywood movies to all those bad men towards the end.

Disciple : A brawl ?
Master : Yes, you can say that !
Disciple : I thought I am bad at fighting ?
Master : But you seem to do it all the time !
Disciple : But I don't fight with anyone ?
Master : True, except with yourself !

When you are ignorant about the influence of maya in life, there is very little chance of fighting with it. But moment you are aware of the maya's influence then the trouble starts. That's the reason why the seekers on the spiritual path can appear more troubled at times. Because they get caught between the positivities and negativities of their minds. They become aware of the real and false and that can set the seeker upon the big brawl of their lifetime. The fight happens within oneself, when the maya gets branded as wrong, negative and false.

Disciple : Is it not spiritual journey is meant to
provide happiness and confidence to the seeker?
Master : On the contrary, it should shake you out from
your habitual thinking of 'positive ideas' such as confidence
and happiness !

Maya cannot be only negative because maya is the very cause of this split up between the negative and positive. Which means whenever you deal with positive and negative aspects of life then you are under the spell of maya. But to just being aware of the positive and negative dichotomy as the handy work of maya, then you get transported to yet another dimension of life. A new dimension where the maya continue to exist but does not bother you anymore.

Disciple : Does it mean I and Maya can live side
by side without messing up with each other?
Master : Exactly ! You can live very peacefully
without being taken for a ride by this world !
Disciple : How do I deal with maya in such a way
where the maya become my friend and I need
not fear the maya anymore?
Master : All the religions and spiritual
techniques are meant just for that !
Disciple : Are they not part of maya too ?
Master : True ! They are just the products of maya !
Disciple : Even being spiritual is only an influence by maya ?
Master : That's a bold statement but indeed so true !

Maya helps you ever so easily to get trapped and be bound on one hand. Same maya also offers solutions by its other hand and help you get out of the trap and liberate you. The true liberation hits like some speeding vehicle on a highway, when you realize both the bondage and liberation are master strokes of maya, but originally never existed, in that very moment your awakening too happens in its full blast.